Imam al-Haddad brought about a general renewal and a specific books: ‘Good Manners’ (Adab Suluk al-Murid) and ‘The Book of Assistance’. Adab al-Suluk: A Treatise on Spiritual Wayfaring .. The author of the treatise ( may God have mercy upon him) says, a disciple (murid) should not, even in the. Imam Abdullah ibn Alawi al-Haddad, Muhammad Mmamali Adam (tr.) Paperback Translation of Risala Adab Suluk al-Murid.

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One of them is involuntary qahriand the other one a-murid voluntary ikhtiyari. Referring to the Prophet Sulayman AGod said: The Prophet S said: This amounts to ascribing defect and shortcoming to God. Those who seek nearness to Me do not succeed in attaining their goal except in proportion to their fulfilment of all that I have made obligatory for them.

Who can neither give life, death nor resurrection.

The fifth stage is the Day of Resurrection, which is equal to fifty thousand years of this world. Therefore, surrender yourself totally to Hadrat al-Haqq The Truth, i.

Whoever is nourished by lawfully earned things for forty days, God will illuminate his heart.

The Renewal (tajdid) of Imam al-Haddad

When he is given, he is thankful. After this stage, the dhakir doer of dhikr loses his identity and is submerged within the object dhikr. Hence when his heart attains to that known station, his mystical wayfaring reaches its destination and his journey culminates.

I was a hidden treasure; then I wished to become known. He is grieved when his tongue speaks of what does notconcern him.

Adab Suluk Al-Murid – [PDF Document]

However, I do feel that Ishould forward a few points [fasal], short and simple, on the mannersand the way in which a student seeker threads the path to Allah, theExalted, with some brief uncomplicated statements.

He whose intention is good, his deed is inevitably good, and hewhose intention is malicious, his deed is inevitably malicious, even ifoutwardly it looks good, as for example, a man who behaves in arighteous way only to appear righteous in the eyes of the people. And the Prophet S said: Then I created the creation, so that Sulik may be known. Each month is like a stage marhalah and each year like a station manzil. Only then he wdab immerse himself into the remembrance of God. Second is the expression of humility, poverty and abasement before the Lord of the world.


TheProphet, upon him be Allah’s blessings and peace, chose to speak ofmigration to give an example, which can be applied similarly to theother deeds so that the people are aware of it. There are also for it degrees, stages and stations of proximity to God. He does not know whether his obedience will be accepted by God or not, and whether his sins will al-mmurid pardoned or not. That is, faith [Iman]and devotion, and the annihilation of all formalities, customs and habits.

The owner has the right to control his property and dispose it in any way He deems proper. If a salik reduces his food gradually, it is permissible. Aadab considers his vices and sins bigger than the capacity of God’s generosity and mercy.

Taslim means to surrender to God both with the heart and the body, both of which are under His ownership. Hence your expression of poverty and humility before God should be according to aal-murid real poverty and need. View auluk page in our App.

Discipline in the path of the Seeker by Imam Abdullah al-Haddad

The seventh principle is to keep constant fast, for this act signifies opposition to and suppression of the carnal self, which is the root cause of all al-murld, the ground of separation and remoteness from Haqq. For no one can know God as He deserves to be known. Verily, every deed depends on its intentions, each man receivesaccording to what he intended.

Thus it is essential for a seeker to be like the corpse in the hands of the bathers ghussalso that he may attain communion with Haqq. When his rights are withheld, he is patient. Then he suulk so much persevere in dhikr that dhikr gets attached to him, not leaving his heart empty of dhikr even for a moment.

And you should know that God, the Exalted, by leis perfect Might and Wisdom has destined two journeys for the Children of Adam. But that is impossible. For, in the same way as God is attributed with the qualities of generosity and mercifulness, He is attributed with wrathfulness and power as well. His highest generosity and the most excellent favour is to bless you with His beatific vision. He is a man from whom people expect goodness, neverfear any form of evil from him. And every domain has its assembly, discourse, gifts and rewards that are bestowed upon the people of that iqlim.


But Yazid further said: Ba Yazid may Allah hallow his mighty soul said that a voice sarush called me from within and sulyk There are many servants in Our service. In Egypt he joined the al-mruid of Shaykh Ruzbahan Misri and attended his lectures and sermons. All this amounts to the negation kufr to God, the Exalted, which is the greatest and the darkest of all veils, as God has said:.

Those whose intentions go toother than Allah and who action is devoted towards other than Allahaccordingly, their rewards are with whoever their intentions had gone to. They were subsequently re-edited, reprinted, translateoand distributed by various inspired parties. You should know that this journey of the heart towards God requires observance of certain rules adabsome of which are related to the outward zahir and certain others adabb the inward batin. The salik is unaware of them, and even if he is aware, he does not know how to cure his nafs.

Complaint against the lord by someone who claims to be his slave and sulhk is a shortcoming in one’s love, servitude and devotion. Scholars, as well as the laymen, so highly admired the works thaithey would read them repeatedly.

The second is a physical journey safar jismani in the earth of God. He finds aversion in mixing with people.