Komunikasi dan Multimedia. 3. Undang-Undang Malaysia akta akta koMUnikasi dan MUltiMedia SuSunan SekSyen. BAHAGIAN I. MCMC is the regulator for the converging communications and multimedia industry in Malaysia. PADA menjalankan kuasa yang diberikan oleh perenggan 16(1)(c) dan seksyen Akta Komunikasi dan Multimedia [Akta ].

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Recently, a Malaysian High Court held that a website owner is liable for a hyperlink posted by a commentor that links to a website containing a defamatory statement.

The page had photos of her holding wine and beer and an expletive. Users can now access the Internet through their mobile devices whenever and wherever they are.

Both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have accused each other of paying cyber troopers to attack their opponents on social networks. The law governing online activities remains the same. Published in The Star Newspaper on 8 Komunikasj Online campaigning has gone nasty in the run-up to the May 5 general election with komunikas troopers from both sides of the political divide going beyond mudslinging at times.

There will therefore be new laws and challenges ahead. Improper use of network facilities or network service, etc. This ruling is interesting as it may be a defense for website owners who can argue that A does not apply to posting made by their users prior to July 31, She explains that during the agrarian age, laws were formed to protect the land, and during the industrial age, to protect intellectual property with laws regarding copyright and trademarks, for example.

As mentioned earlier, what got many website owners into trouble is what their readers posted. The case was eventually settled.


First published on Digital News Asia on 16 August For there to be an offence under s. Perhaps bloggers or portals that had done so had the intention to gain more visitors. In doing so, Facebook had taken steps to avoid any lawsuits over trade mark.

Communications and Multimedia Act | Foong Cheng Leong – Part 2

Examples of social media networking websites or tools are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Friendster. Languages Bahasa Melayu Edit links. It is settled that bloggers are liable for what they say and for what other people post on their blogs. Many companies — from multinational companies to our local restaurants — set up accounts on social media networking websites to publicise their business, and even to manage consumer complaints.

The prosecution had apparently failed to show that the persons who posted the offensive comments were the accused. However, he believed people are smarter these days and would not be easily taken in by what was being posted on Websites. Please note that there is characters limited] For ease of reference, I reproduce the offending posting:. In Australia, a hairdresser won compensation for wrongful dismissal after losing her job for making unflattering remarks about her employer on her Facebook.

Communications and Multimedia Act 1998

Many politicians set up their own Twitter accounts to connect with the masses. Leave This Blank Too: Thus to avoid such problems, the following steps are recommended: Internet users should be vigilant when posting updates, blog entries, tweets, comments and emails. Under Section of the Communications and Multimedia Act, those found guilty of harassing or being offensive online can mulltimedia fined a maximum of RM50, or jailed up to a year or both, he noted.


In combating such problems, Facebook gave trade mark owners the opportunity to register their rights to the username before the launch of personalised username and URLs.

Komunikasl 2 – Copyright and Industrial Designs. Muslim bin Ahmad was acquitted by the Sessions Court and Rutinin bin Suhaimin was discharged by the Sessions Court without his defense being called. In this regard, website owners can be subject to an application to the court compelling them to reveal the identity of the commentor.

The following laws are applicable to bloggers: THE Internet is increasingly becoming a virtual soapbox for people to vent their thoughts mulyimedia and sometimes frustrations and dissatisfaction. The above posting is [choose one or more: He was charged under Section 1 a of the Communications and Multimedia Act which carries fine up to RM50, or jail up to one year or both. Foong Cheng Leong is an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya and also a registered Malaysian trade mark, industrial designs and patent agent.

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She notes that signs of this can be seen in the increasing call for freedom of expression and the right to information. It gives enforcement agencies a lot of leeway so they would have the unfettered discretion for its use.

Foong succinctly describes the appropriate online behaviour with a biblical quotation — which is still as relevant today as it was miltimedia, years after it was uttered.