Alessandro Baricco is an Italian writer, director and performer. His novels have been translated Seta, Rizzoli ; Silk, ISBN , The theatrical event from which the book originated was staged only twice due to its. : Seta: pp., brossura, ottimo. Seta. Alessandro Baricco. Published by Fandango, Price: US$ From Laboratorio del libro. : Seta: Shows some signs of wear, and may have some markings on the inside.

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So I read, disregarding the cover, defiantly at times. And all of the sudden, the airiness of the text, the nice use of iteration and variation, and as much as I hate to say, the plot, began working in my favor. Comfortable language, cozy, gentle. This is not really a view, this is. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem?

Thanks for telling us about baricck problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Silk by Alessandro Baricco. Silk by Alessandro Baricco. When an epidemic threatens to destroy the silk trade in France, the young merchant Herve Joncour leaves his doting wife and his comfortable home in the small town of Lavilledieu and travels across Barucco to the other end of the world, to Japan, to obtain eggs for a fresh libto of silk worms. It is the s; Japan is closed to foreigners and this has to be a clandestin When an epidemic threatens to destroy the silk trade in France, the young merchant Herve Joncour leaves his doting wife and his comfortable home in the small town of Lavilledieu and travels across Siberia to the other end of alsesandro world, to Japan, to obtain eggs aleseandro a fresh breeding of silk worms.

It is the s; Japan is closed to foreigners and this has to be a clandestine operation. During his undercover negotiations with the local baron, Joncour’s attention is arrested by the man’s concubine, a girl who does not have Oriental eyes. Although the young Frenchman and the girl are unable to exchange so much as a word, love blossoms between them, conveyed by a number of recondite messages in the librro of four visits the Frenchman pays to Japan.

How their secret affair develops and how it unfolds is told in a narration as beautiful, smooth and seamless as a piece of the finest silk. Paperback91 pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Baricco Alessandro Seta : A. Baricco : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

To ask other readers questions about Silkplease sign up. I’m not ashamed to recognise this is one of the most mesmerising books I have ever read, every single image described has stayed with me for years Kevin I can understand your fascination with the book. I only discovered it yesterday and devoured it in one sitting. What is the ending of the story of silk Alessandro Baricco?

Vitaly The protagonist lives the barocco of his life in solemn tranquility and tells strangers stories about his travels to Japan.

See all 13 questions about Silk…. Lists with This Book. View all 11 comments. Jul 28, Nicholas Sparks rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is another form baircco love story, one written in almost poetic form. It was a major world-wide bestseller years ago — millions of copies — and if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you should do yourself a favor.


It’s short and poignant and beautiful, in every way. View all 10 comments. May 13, TK rated it it was amazing Shelves: I never imagined I would like a book where the main character makes a living by buying silkworms. In fact, I not only liked it, I loved it.

SILK is easily one of the top ten books I have read in the past eighteen months or so. It has a sparse writing style, and passages are repeated almost verbatim in no less than three different spots. The characters are there, fully realized, but at the same time, each character is a mystery or a ghost without definite shape.

The prose is smooth, dr I never imagined I would like a book where the main character makes a living by buying silkworms. The prose is smooth, dreamlike. SILK is an easy story to relate to: Herve Joncour is a silkworm buyer who, at first, travels across Europe, past the Mediterranean, into Syria and Egypt to buy the precious silkworm eggs.

However, an epidemic hits the silkworms of Europe, and before long, the epidemic spreads to the far reaches of Egypt. Worried that this enterprise is in danger, a man named Baldabiou convinces Herve that to ensure a profit Herve needs to go a land that is known for only being at the end of the world: But Japan is closed to outsiders.

In fact, it is closed off to anyone who leaves the island.

Now, it would have been easy for the author, Alessandro Baricco, to bombard the reader with fascinating details about the politics of Japan, and the history of opening the island baticco outsiders. I would have really liked that. But Baricco had other ideas. He knew that if he heaped detail upon detail, during this part, the mystery and intrigue of the story would become lost. Instead, Baricco uses only the least bit of detail to convey such a tumultuous time of Japanese and world history.

And it barico done in such a beautiful and remarkable way that this reader never felt as if important aspects of the novel were only glazed over. It is while in Japan that Herve has a realization of love. I wish I could tell you about the woman and the impact she had upon Herve, but that would ruin the story for you. Herve replays this journey four times. Three of them are peaceful. On the fourth time, Japan is in the midst of a civil war. When Herve returns this last time, charred villages and a way of life that he remembers are black phantoms upon the landscape.

Not to mention the woman that Herve loves?

Book Review: ‘Silk’ By Alessandro Baricco | : NPR

Okay, I know the past two paragraphs have been cryptic, I apologize. I hate when other reviewers do that, but it seems secrecy is the only way Baricfo can explain how powerful this story is. At only a pages, this is an easy read. But when you have finished the story, I am willing to bet it will be a long time before the images and situations leave your mind.

View all 6 comments. This read was a nice break after reading long books. Silk reads like a gauzy flowing breeze. An almost fairy tale with the exotic as background and with travel and some suspense as some of its most palpable elements, it is a not an easy book to put down, precisely because it is so easy to read.


The next short chapter with big print draws you immediately in until you suddenly reach the end. As a tale it also has an element of the oral tradition, alesszndro periodic repetitions to help its audience reme Oibro read was a nice break after reading long books. As a tale it also has an element of the oral tradition, with periodic repetitions to help its audience remember, repetitions which have bothered some readers, but which for me made the reading faster.

It also has some historical pegs, such as and Abraham Slessandro and the American Civil War, or the effects of the earlier Treaty that Commodore Perry forced on Japan to open up its borders to Western Trade, or the geopolitical lubro of an Asia as the theatre for the colonial wars between the various European powers, when the UK was selling arms to the Japanese government, while the Netherlands supported the rebels as the Japanese civil war erupted.

We are also reminded of the opening garicco the Suez Canal, and more pertinent to the tale, the scientific discoveries of Pasteur related to parasites and silkworms. This varicco the age when a new explosion of trade changed the nature of the already long established Silk-Route.

Baricco Alessandro Seta

But the historical content is just pegs. A different context could have also served for these historical components seem no more than a setting made alessandgo cardboard planks. The narration is not factual, but essentially evocative. The language comes across in a poetic mode in the Spanish translation bariccp the original Italian. Many sentences are left open and others are placed here or there, as if they were loose brushstrokes painted baricxo Japanese ink. Seda or Silk, then comes across as a lyrical legend in which the underlying feeling or theme would seem to be Love.

But to me it expressed the more general sentiment of Longing, the longing that is experienced in love, but also in other imaginary trips and landscapes and desires and yearnings. Because Longing is as slippery and shiny and as smooth as silk. View all 33 comments. Did I read that or dream it? No matter, it was beautiful Dicevano che era un santo. Silenzio, prego due colpi col martelletto.

Entri il primo testimone! Abricco dirci come si chiama? Nei limiti del possibile. Voglia fare in modo di non porre limiti al suo possibile. Ma sa anche lei quanto le vicissitudini legate al signor Baricco siano controverse. Per sbrogliare queste controversie.

La prego, innanzitutto, di chiarircene la natura. Alssandro confesso che questa testimonianza non era mai stata prodotta in aula. Scrivano, sta prendendo nota? Prenda per esempio i brani che ricorrono identici nella narrazione.