Em A Condição Humana a acção situa-se em Xangai, no ano de , quando uma . This novel is widely regarded as the magnum opus of Andre Malraux. Man’s Fate is a novel written by André Malraux. It was translated into English twice, both Author, André Malraux. Original title . La Condición Humana. Libros sin clasificar: La condición humana – andré malraux. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote

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Man’s Fate – Wikipedia

Very frustrating – this is the sort of thing that makes me want to learn French. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from ” https: Malraux was a genius and so my five stars…. They have a plan — toppling the established order and bring revolution to China. Malraux had an appealing, Byronic, image. It took me codnicion weeks to find the courage to write this review.

Kyo Gisors is the commander of the revolt and believes that every person should choose his own meaning, not be governed by any external forces. As explosive and immediate today as when it was originally published in’Man’s Fate’ ‘La Condition Humaine’an account of a crucial episode in the early days of the Chinese Revolution, foreshadows the contemporary world and brings to life the profound meaning of the revolutionary impulse for the individuals involved.

Oct 30, Nick rated it really liked it. Actually, I still don’t know why I am writing this as I feel that every word I write is bajra insult to Malraux. Malraux became very critical of the French colonial authorities in Indochina, and during helped to organize the Young Annam League and founded a newspaper Indochina in Chains.

The manuscript was destroyed by the Gestapo after his capture in Although now better known as a friend and confidant of Robert Oppenheimer, Chevalier was a respected scholar of French literature. After the war, Malraux served in a variety of government p Am avut sentimentul ca ceea ce scrie autorul nu este deajuns pentru a numana suficient contextul socio-economic si politic in care se desfasoara actiunea, dar imi parea ca eram provocat la a face invest My Review through http: I think I’m going to read this again.


Historically, it’s a very interesting book.

And as with our species inconstant, paradoxical, also able of greatnessin all the bad, there are islands of good: The kind of story that’s needed, now more than ever. He spends most of the story trying to keep power in the hands of the workers rather than the Kuomintang army and resolving a conflict between himself and his wife, May.

The journalist Christopher Hitchenswhile noting that Malraux had spent almost no time in China, claimed that the novel “pointed up the increasing weight of Asia in world affairs; it described epic moments of suffering and upheaval, in Shanghai especially it was nearly filmed by Sergei Eisenstein ; and it demonstrated a huge respect for Communism and for Communists while simultaneously evoking the tragedy of a revolution betrayed by Moscow.

It’s a very well tol Great book about the Chinese Civil War. A bad translation can mangle a work beyond recognition; a good translation–as GR’s Cynthia Nine attests vis-a-vis Coelho’s regurgitations–is capable of turnin Why would I give five stars to a book I did not enjoy, did not like, felt nothing special about and came very close to not finishing it?

While doing all this he wrote prolifically establishing himself as a major writer and as one of the leading art critics of his age. After eight months in prison, he moved on to China where he worked with the Kuomintang. Baron Clappique is a French merchant, smuggler, and obsessive gambler.

Man’s Fate

The prose is clunky, and some explosive scenes are ruined by bad phrasing. Elements are included of miscegenation and misogyny. However, it’s inconsistent and lots of it is simply turgid. Duringwhile Malraux was fighting in Alsace, Josette died when she slipped while boarding a train.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. If that appears reductive, there is a hajar more shadow and verse at play in this gripping and frenetic novel of Shanghai in And so now I repent and ask forgiveness for my many sins of ingratitude, those countless occasions where I toasted the writers and their works while ignoring, forgetting and treating as completely insignificant their translators without whom I would have not been able to read what they’ve written at all.

Reading Malraux malrau not something you do for leisure. In certain circumstances, people are no longer free to carry on as normal, and must either take part in the violence or flee. It’s difficult to condicipn how much of the blame lies with Haakon Chevalier as translator. A brilliant brilliant book that spoke to me of commitment, fidelity and belief, and the bond that are forged in shared struggles.


This was presented as a function of putting the revolution first but I think it went deeper in the psyche of the book than that. What’s the point of it all? Equally dogmatic and dour, Man’s Fate is episodic in terms of narrative and ensemble. Gisors is an opium addict,a well respected figure among the French population in the city. His prose, however, as been criticized as dull and unidiomatic. Katow had faced execution once before, during the Russian Civil War and was saved at the last moment, which gives him a feeling of psychological immunity.

The philosophical musings on, well, man’s fate — human will as the prime mover, dismissal of all else — were fascinating, but the book dragged at times, bogged down by somewhat stilted dialogue. A bad translation can mangle a work beyond recognition; a good translation–as GR’s Cynthia Nine attests vis-a-vis Coelho’s regurgitations–is capable of turning out something even better than the original, like a much improved version of a crude prototype the author originally wrote.

Memories of spurious, overdone dialogue and phony plot. As a novel of ideas, it unquestionably has em of brilliance. I’d like to read it again when I have more time. I really liked Kyo Gisors.

Jan 02, L. In real life of course Zhou en Lai survived and lived to reunite with Malraux in when Malraux was visiting China on a mission for de Gaulle. However, I will say that this book was something of a chore to finish and felt much longer than its pages. Am terminat de citit Conditia umana a lui Malraux vezi aici coperta. I have this research i have to do about this Novel can, can any one tell me something useful about it?