Technical Manuals are items which increase the character’s specific technological discipline aptitude proportional to their Intelligence as long as they are in the. Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick ObscuraAnyone happen to know I have a boxed version of Arcanum but I seem to have purged the. For Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura on the PC, I don’t understand the technical manuals sold at Tarant University though.

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Create your own complex quests arfanum populated towns. Scaled for humans with right and left views. You can’t use them anyway. Bookpiles – Three new sets of books to dress up your desk. Our assortment of Arcanum modules will keep you entertained for many evenings, featuring adventures both official and fan-made.

Waffen Waffen 6 years ago 9 Mattheau posted Each manual raises your “expertise” in the chosen field by a number equal to your intelligence which is why potions might be helpful here, as those manuals are heavy and expensive.

Comes with flips for all.

Arcanum Manual

Sign up for free! Play, chat, and share experiences with your friends on GOG. Log In Sign Up. The tech manuals are very useful if you want to craft some of the later found schematics. Welcome to the forum!!! LeviathanSep 26, Log in or Sign up. The Lost Dungeon of Souls kindly provided by Bruticis This is stea,works long-lost module, once available with pre-order copies of Arcanum.


I think it’s sheer lunacy that the tech followers don’t max out their two disciplines. Please help us cover the costs of Terra-Arcanum’s migration to Msnual, Guest! Current info thread is here. It’s just here for your convenience.

Gun Smithy Manuals?? | Terra-Arcanum >> The World of Troika Games

Do they even combine if I have more than 1? Look no further, this section has it all, hacks, patches, main module expansions and the manual to put it in perspective! I don’t understand the technical manuals sold at Tarant University though.

Mattheau Mattheau 6 years ago 2 They increase your tech expertise if sreamworks are in your inventory. I bought a few and my tech skills didn’t increase, I didn’t unlock any new recipes, and I see no change in my tech level. For previous versions, go to the Download Archives Patch 1. Comes with a flip.

Arcanum Manual | Troikapedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Do I have to have some levels in that tech area to use manuals or if I have no gunsmithing can I just buy enough manuals to build an elephant gun?

Included is two variations and the flip of each.

Example, I need a gunsmithy 40 to make something. It seems that you’re using an outdated browser. Recovered art Made by rroyo Recovered art – rroyo’s recovered art.

This is exactly the same stuff you will find by following the link in this section. Sign in Create account Sign in. Tent 2 is simply a flip of the stock pup tent while the other four are large two-part “safari-sized” ones. Do Eloi and Morlocks reside in the ruins of Vendigroth? Compatible with Arcanum 1. Statues02 – 16 more statues to add a little Variety to your creation. If you want a better effect ,you can use a potion to temporary increase your intelligence to They increase your tech expertise if they are in your inventory.


If you have a high INT, then you will need only a few books. You only need the latest version. BeerBarrels – A small, tapped barrel to sit upon the bar. ZanzaSep 26, No, create an account now. All I seem to find online are game guides.

Tech Manuals, Schematics & Gems

Please help us cover the wteamworks of Terra-Arcanum’s migration to Xenforo, Guest! Comes with a flip view and clickable doors for both. Other uses Edit The manuals do not affect a character’s magickal aptitude, meaning that a full mage may also use them if they have enough of them in their inventory.

Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura technical manuals.