Resource Fields. Url: ; Last visit: ; Webmaster: the Internet of Things. Consequently, in this occasion as in those that follow, the comparison is significant only for two years. ASSINTEL REPORT Based on the figures of Assintel there is an increase of ICT investment by % in in Italy. Until end of the market volume will be at Bill € in.

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Digital technology is mature and cheap enough to go beyond InStore Radio. A Retail Management Software covers the Front assinte, Back Store areas Point of Sale and Warehouse management, statistics and more in stores independent or part of a chain.

Artificial Intelligence AI is becoming a hot topic for mass media, despite being born in the 50s.

I cookie ci permettono di conteggiare le visite in modo anonimo e non ci consentono in alcun modo di identificarti direttamente. A Point of Sale App is a software designed to “consume” Cloud services through code optimized for the Operating System of the device.


Assintel report 2013 pdf

Il nostro sito usa cookie per poterti offrire una migliore esperienza di navigazione. What is surprising is the speed with which these technological advances are changing the market and business models.

Approfondisci cliccando Maggiori Informazioni e leggi come rifiutare tutti o alcuni cookie. The Assintel Report shows how the evolution of the main technologies has transformed the business, the enterprise, the investments on the Offer System and the habit of the consumer.

The success of eCommerce world leaders, such as Amazon, is due not only to low prices, high quality and convenience of service, but also depends on a special ingredient: POS Point of Sale software, especially in chains, is considered a competitive factor and thus highly customized in order to differentiate from competition.

Assintel Report | NEXTVALUE

Innovation becomes the prerequisite for sustaining the economic growth and for the beginning of a new cycle of prosperity. Deployment is done from a web page or a marketplace. We think that these 10 are the main trends: Traditionally, the clustering of customers and the choice of the most relevant promotions are based on “RFM” parameters.


Where R stands for Recency, i. Architecture, whether applied to software or buildings, is the link between aspirations and technology, both in continuous evolution. In text-to-speech, “robotic” voices are a memory of the past, and words reeport already matched human accuracy.

Innovation in a tweet. Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Why Architecture, a discipline related to building design and construction, is so important and often mentioned also in Information Technology? Just think the amount of data produced in the world doubles every 20 months, the number of people connected to Internet exceeds 12 billion and that the payments made by mobile exceed a trillion dollars.

In a time dominated by economic and political turbulence in Italy, technological innovation plays a vital role. But what are they exactly and what is the relationship between them?