The Hidden Secret of Ayurveda [Robert E. Svoboda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE HIDDEN SECRET OF AYURVEDA is an. Dr. Robert Svoboda. 14K likes. This is the official Facebook page for Dr. Robert Svoboda. Dr. Robert E. Svoboda is an American author and ayurvedic doctor who gives lectures and courses around the world, related to the subjects of ayurveda, jyotish.

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Certainly, it is moving in a superficial form.

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda

What are the traditional methods to cure the Ahamkara? And then having taped into the tradition felt like I was connected enough to add that I had a connection eobert it and felt like it would guide my own experiments and doing something with that tradition.

So Rasayana in its most advanced version is to connect to the flavor that God is experiencing and to become part of that flavor and to taste that flavor everywhere in your existence. After being ritually initiated into the Pokot tribe of northern Kenya as its first white member in June he moved to India, where he lived from andreceiving his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery Ayurvedacharya from the University of Poona in It was good; I mean She is a blood drinking Goddess after all.

And many of them I liked quite bit. I think you know about Past Life Regression practice. If you want to do that, if you want to extract ayurved Prana from there, you have to invest many hours a day doing that. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu! It is much more difficult, but it also produces a much more accurate picture of what that reality really is.

And also coming back to the question of ahamkara diseases: Maybe ayurved things became very rigid in the East. So after being there for many, many years then it was easier for me to know exactly what parts of the tradition still exist, what kind of people had them and how to tap into those traditions.


In my Prakriti book I have a small description of Tarpana. Whether the internal version is moving or not it is a different matter.

Interview with Dr. Robert E. Svoboda | Drupal

If you have some shaman who is more interested in doing black magic, then that person can cause all kinds of troubles. And of course the problem is that it happens frequently, as frequently as it ever happens. And all these things you collect together and say: The nature of ahamkara and Kundalini for that matter is to identify with things. Robert Svoboda is the first Westerner ever to graduate from a college of Ayurveda and be licensed to practice Ayurveda in India.

Then you have to have personal experience, then you know. You can read a full description of the course on Dr. And you can say: We would take the train from Bombay to Puna with Vimalananda and he would point over there and he would say: Russia is maybe half-East, half-West and we have influence of both cultures here.

And I think it is a very fine thing, except that of course like anything else it can be misused.

I did not meet them, so it does not matter to me. Start with one thing, implement it into your own life, see what it does and before you start trying to think about teaching other people make sure that you are benefiting from whatever it is you are learning. Otherwise there is no use. But of course, you have to be in the position to know what is real, what is not real and not simply say: What has led to where we ayugveda now is fire, and where is the fire focused in the body?

Other people that I know, who are very close to this are slightly in that direction; and they have to put a lot of energy into maintaining their harmony and balance without simply letting go and becoming completely disconnected.


Then you get into big trouble.

So I had to put a lot of attention into obtaining the information. What really has made people humans, what has made humans human is the fire. I have studied in the Michael Newton method, do you know about it? Yes, there is black magic all over India; there is a black magic all over Malaysia. So you have to find somewhere near that point but inevitably either you are going to be slightly above or slightly below.

It is described in Subramuniyaswami book that there is a Shaiva school which is making these Rasayanas and this is their main sadhana — to prepare Rasayana and to use them for spiritual purposes. Everywhere you look, you get to a place and you are able to do something that is different than what the average human does, a small number of ayuvreda will use it for good, and the rest of the people will either destroy themselves with it or kill other people with it.

In the Patanjali Yoga Sutras we read that you can get Samadhi through various ways: And you should always try the most basic and simple and less dangerous things out on your own first. Do you know about Raseshvara Sampradaya? What do you think about it? He often speaks on Ayurveda, Jyotish, Tantra and allied subjects in locales across the world. The road did not ask you to walk on it, the road did not ask you to try to stand ayurceda your hands while you were walking on the road. His Guru Maharaj I knew well.

He is the author of twelve books including Prakriti: