Activităţile disciplinei de Biologie Celulară şi Moleculară se desfăşoară în amfiteatrele Universităţii şi în spaţiile proprii: sala de curs “John Wrigglesworth”, două. Vasilica Bauşic with expertise in: Pathology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Contact Vasilica Bauşic, read 25 publications, and see who Vasilica Bauşic has cited. Designing of natural biomaterials and biomimetic tissue substitutes based on extracellular matrix components for regenerative medicine; Development of in vitro.

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Post on Aug views. The questionnaire was sent sample of people. I ask you to answer the following questions by writing an “X” in the appropriate box selected response and we would like to identify added: Have you ever given your daily biorhythm importance?

Yes No I do not know Not interested 2. How would you describe your general wellbeing at an interval of 30 minutes after awakening? We can say, therefore, that the body sends you all the energy in its various forms, to parts of it at a time nictemeral cycle. In the present study we aimed to demonstrate the importance of knowing and also in the life of every student applicability cronobiologiei military because it is scientifically proven that those cflulara do not comply and repeatedly disturb inner rhythm gets sick more often and with greater ease, and sometimes very serious disease that can not be cured, due to wear organs.

In the present workwe aim to expose notions regarding biorhythm and to evaluate certain implications of it in the life of military students that belong to different types of military forces.

Based on the idea that biorhythm is the subject of study for chronobiology, a field of biology that has been recently studied, ccelulara one of the patriarchs of the said field, Prof.

Alain Reinberg, from the Chronobiology Unit of the A. Rockefeller Foundation in Paris, states that it represents “the study of temporal organization of living beings and celularra alterations. Thus, the method chosen by us is the statistical study based on applying the questionnaire on a representative control group persons. It will reflect the influence of intrinsic and extrinsic factors on the daily activities of the body.


In conclusion, chronobiology influences the schedule, and the latter, in return, influences collective and individual activities. Therefore, the importance given to chronobiology grows by the day and can be materialized by setting up schedules, but, unfortunately, it is insufficiently exploited in areas of activity in which it is required.

Thanks for your time and we are committed to you communicate study results which have molecjlara to the achievement of expressing personal opinion!

CHRONOBIOLOGY IN THE LIFE OF MILITARY ? adresate studentilor, Curs Biologie Celulara si Moleculara,

However, an equal number of people opting for alternatives “No” or “Not interested”, which certifies the relatively recent emergence cronobiologiei science biorhythms. Most of their general condition characterized military students at an interval of 30 minutes after awakening as an ideal, choosing the answer “rest” but there is also negligible percentage on options “energy” and “tired”.

Scientificin the morning appears the stress hormone, cortisol, which causes various organs tone recovery and return to normal circulation, its secretion is diminished around “Lx 23”. In what time frame you consider that you have the maximum capacity of concentration?

Irina Franciuc – Referințe bibliografice Google Academic

Which of the followings we consider to be optimal for performing military firing? Celu,ara activities you prefer range? In which of the following intervals during sleep the night you fall on? Less moleclara 7 hours hours 9: Are you satisfied with how biological rhythms are observed in arranging daily program schedule? Yes No I do not know Not interested 8.

You think the ambient temperature influence your psychomotor ability? I see no influence They are more active a at low temperatures Are less active a at low temperatures The same capacity They are more active a at high temperatures Are less active a at high temperatures 9.

Considers that biorhythm had any importance in choosing your future military career? Yes No Review of the Air Force Academy No 1 28 At “17 ” hands feel the need to move at the same time recorded most sports records. Statistically, sleep duration is associated with 7- 8: Myocardial infarctions and strokes correspond to a very long sleep durations. Now is the ideal time you travel by car, attention and reflexes are much greater. The best skill was recorded by researchers between the hours moleculaar – 16 ” time “Lx moleculaar showing also the lowest threshold of pain sensitivity.


This is cdlulara by the physiology of the human body which is now revived, being willing to come into operation due to the large opening of the lungs and airways.

Citosol – Wikipedia

Thus, this response is justified because of uncertainty about the science and its implications. From scientifically proved that alternation body temperature affects psychomotor ability, in the sense that, as the temperature is high, the body is more active. We chose to introduce this question in our questionnaire to highlight the existence of psychophysical cycles. In its detriment, we note the presence of 4 cycles: Physical cycle lasts only 23 days: Emotional cycle includes 14 days of calm and optimism and nervousness and irritability dominated 14 days.

Intellectual cycle consists of 16, 5 days increased capacity creation, spontaneity and 16, 5-day low yield of intellectual activity.

The most recently discovered is intuitional cycle, called “sixth sense” for a period of 38 days. In a psycho-physical cycle, the most sensitive is the transition from one stage to another, when the body shows a maximum degree of instability. It was found statistically as in people over 70 years, most deaths occurring during that period or immediately thereafter.

It follows that, for the most part, we are unaware of the passage from one stage to the next cycle.