System(s), Dungeons & Dragons, d Blackmoor is a fantasy role-playing game campaign setting generally associated with the game. Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Core Campaign Book – Over 30 years ago, Dave Arneson created the world that spawned Enter Dave Arneson”s Blackmoor, a brooding world of dragons, dungeons, and danger. . 3.x/d20/OGL. Shop at Noble Knight Games for Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor (d20) (Zeitgeist Games) by Zeitgeist Games – part of our Full Inventory collection. New, used, and .

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Join Date Sep Location th St. Join Date Jun Location glen allen va Posts I’ve got that old nostalgic feeling going on I’ve only heard a little bit about Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor campaign over the years. To me, Blackmoor was always that place way up north on the old Greyhawk map near the Land of Black Ice.

Later I found out it was Dave’s old campaign around the time that Gygax was working on Greyhawk.

Poking around, you can find tons of back stories and tidbits about Greyhawk, but very little about Blackmoor. Can anyone fill me in on what were some of the things that came out of the campaign?

With Blackmoor d20 coming, can someone well blacmkoor in WoG canon clarify how people generally regard Blackmoor as a part of Oerth?

I don’t think WoG people generally regard Blackmoor as part of Oerth. They see the Blackmoor upon the map, and understand that Gary put a place on his world where Blackmoor could exist, but that Blackmoor is in actuality its own setting – not tied to Mystara, Greyhawk or any other published world.

Join Date Jan Posts 3, The City State maps were 5 miles her hex; thus, the Blackmoor map, at 10 miles per hex, was the size of any four Judges Guild maps.

Blackmoor [Cyclopedia Mystara]

The lower left-hand quarter of the Blackmoor map was designed to just north of the Campaign Map 3: The nature of the valley was, of course, altered completely in DA3: The City of the Gods.


Nothing ever really came of the “First Fantasy Campaign” book. There were no followup adventures or source materials. It was felt by many to be inferior to the Greyhawk Gazetteer, and, for purposes of actually running a campaign, it was.

The FFC booklet was basically little more than a mish-mash of campaign notes and a few useful rules from Dave Arneson, though the map was cool.

Today, it is a wonderful bblackmoor of nostalgia, plus it gives a lot of insight r20 the campaigns of the day Then, inwhen TSR got the license from Arneson to publish Blackmoor, they ret-conned Blackmoor to tie in with the Known World setting which was not then known as Mystara.

Adventures in Blackmoor DA2: Temple of the Frog DA3: The City of the Gods DA4: The City of Blackmoor, that never got released nor do I know if it was ever actually written. The scale of the map was changed from 10 miles per hex to 24 miles per hex; otherwise, the only differences were in coloration and style of presentation.

The map was a perfect match for the original from JG.

It even used blackoor Judges Guild hex numbering system, though for some reason the count was off JG startes with Hexwhile the TSR map started with Blackmoor was cast as the pre-history of the Known World of Thyatis, Karameikos, and so forth. The DA series of adventures was said to have been set years prior to the “modern era. Adventures in Blackmoor, the Blackmoor era was said to have been destroyed circa years prior to the “modern” era of the Known World Several modules from that period attest to the Thyatian Empire being only two centuries old, at best, and no two were really coordinated on their dates or even as to the nature of the Known World.

This fit in perfectly with the DA series materials. This was also the first place where it was referred to as the “Great Blackmior of Fire,” hearkening back to the “Rain of Colorless Fire” of Greyhawk.


Blackmoor (campaign setting)

All other subsequent Gazetteers used the BC date, except for the “Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure” boxed set, which, due to editorial mistakes hearkening back to the original work from which it was derived, used the BC date.

Nowhere in the DA series was the setting ever tied in with the Greyhawk setting, though they legally could have done that. The 2E editions continued to mention Blackmoor, though apparently, only though editorial mistakes. I would presume that the Blackmoor license had blaxkmoor run out, or they were trying to divest themselves of the entanglement. None of the three, as far as I am aware, will be related to the others in any way, nor to Greyhawk.

Nice write up of the history James! You deserve a big thumbs-up for making that convoluted history plain and understandable.

The Piazza – Information

You should definately cut and paste that on a website somewhere so it can be viewed later. I for one know I will want to see that again in the future.

The most interesting part was finding out that never once was Blackmoor placed in Greyhawk. I wonder how that myth came into being then?

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