The Dawoodi Bohras are a sect within the Ismā’īlī branch of Shia Islam. The largest populations of Dawoodi Bohras reside in India, Pakistan, Yemen and East . Ahlan Wa Sahlan! Welcome to ! is here to provide the children of mumineen with an opportunity to learn about Deen. Mu’ meneen Brothers and Sisters,. As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. (May Allah’s Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you). One of our.

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Fasting Roza of Nuzool-e- Ka’batullaah Baytullaah descended on namax earth. This ceremony, obligatory for every Bohra who wishes to be part of the community, is a covenant between the believer and God, effected through his wali.

Wa min sharre ghaa-seqin izaA waqab. According to Jonah Blankthey are among the best-educated women in the Indian subcontinent. Ash hado an la ilaha illalah. The prayer timings in the Quran are implied and thus if the above ayaats are read together, they clearly point nxmaz the 5 obligatory fard prayers.

The event takes place in every Bohra community worldwide along the same lines in terms of time and duration. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddinserved the dawat for 50 years.

Most men have a beard.

ShiaIsmailismTaiyabi Ismailiand Musta’li. Unto you your religion, end unto me my religion. Poisson, Jayme; Henry, Michele 21 August Indeed my prayers, my sacrifices, my life and my death are all dedicated to Allah Who is the Sustainer of all the universes and Who has no partner. Immediately thereafter, the first Canadian masjid was inaugurated by Dr.



Arbaeen, Day 3 – This is a guest post by Taha M. So 0 Lord Sustainer forgive our sins and save US from all evils and herald us on our death in the company of the virtuous. The amil asks the youth a series of questions about the Bohra faith, and only after providing adequate answers will the child be accepted for mithaq. Will have upon her namwz a halter of palm fibre.

Wa maa adraaka maahiya. The mithaq oath mamaz first taken at whatever age a child is deemed to have reached maturity: O Allah keep my feet steady-on the right path to the day of judgement when the feet of naamaz shall be steady Thy enemies, the sinners, shall falter.

Allaa humma innee as-aloka min kulle khairin ahaata behi ilmoka wa aoozo beka min kulle sharrin ahaata behi ilmoka. During early puberty, a child will be brought by his or her parents for an interview with the local amil. The dana committee volunteers, including bobra and children, go to every individual and ask them to finish whatever they take on the plate creating a gradual consciousness.

| وضؤ & نماز | Wuzu and Namaz Audio – Marasiya Of Dawoodi Bohra

Media jamaz to Dawoodi Bohra at Wikimedia Commons. Essays and Interviews on the Minority Communities of Calcutta. The Dai al Mutlaq and Wali of Past have been laid to rest in rauzaswhere thousands of community members visit every year, in Yemen and India. Fa ammaa man saqolat mawaazeenuhu. The funds bhora generated from contributions of individual members but the bulk amount comes from the Da’i-al-Mutlaq. Haatim Zakiyuddin Dawoodi Bohra: The 51st Da’i Syedna Taher Saifuddin was a prolific scholar who wrote more than 40 volumes or ‘Risalas’ and has penned more than 10, verses in tribute to the Shia saints.


Why do we Pray 3 times and other sub castes pray 5 times a Day? If it is a man, then it is right, it can be openly done, but if it is a woman then it must be done discreetly Archived from bhora original on 20 November Wa lam yakun lahu kufowan ahad.

Masah over the feet first right nqmaz left Allahunra sabbit qadanayyaa ala siratekal mustaqeem yawmaa tusabbeta aqdaamal mumeneen wa tuzillo aqdaama aadaaekal mujremeen. I am standing before Allah as a true muslim and am not one of those who associate some one with Allah. Inna fee khalqis samaavaate wal ardhe wakhtilaa-fil-laile wan nahaare la-aayaatin le ulil-albaabil lazina yazkuroo-nallaaha qiyaaman wa qu-udan wa alaa junoobehim wa yatafak-karoona fee khalqis samaavaate wal ardhe.


Allahumma ajalnee minat tawwaabeena wajalnee minal mutatahhereen waghfirlee warhamnee yaa arhamar raahemeen. For convenience, some mis-guided people have added dhuhr and nxmaz and again magrib and isha, but the Prophet led prayers 5 times a day everyday in regular times in Medina and all scholars of every school of thought agree to this. Usallee fardha salaatil Isha-il aakherate arbaa rakaatin lillaahe azza wa jalla adaa-an mustaqbilal kaabatil haraarn Allaa-ho Akbar.