Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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What then does he mean? They convey in a thousand ways blanshaed the facts strike them. Green that experiences are good as wholes and that pleasure is not, strictly speaking, a separable element within such wholes. Fate reunited the Blanshard twins at Columbia University where Paul was studying the new field of Sociology. Josephwho greatly influenced him, and met F.

But how often writers on religion, morals, or art leave one with the bleak impression that they have never come within miles of what these experiences are like to the people who have them! Brand obtained his M. But it is a far more difficult and treacherous method than it seems. He brans from inner experience how often and how easily the needle of the compass bramd deflected away from truth by the presence in its neighbourhood of egotism, impatience, or the desire to score off somebody; and he would feel like a charlatan if he used on others methods he would resist in his own thinking.

From Whose Togas I Dangle.

Brand Blanshard “On Philosophical Style”

Instead of leaving the reader in midair to float beand to the right case if he can find it, start him blansuard with a particular case, a crucial one if possible, and let him see the general problem, and perhaps its solution, by himself.

Hegel would say that a finite determination of infinity had been further determined by its own negation. If you talk nonsense brandd Saxon you are found out at once; you have a competent judge in every hearer. He died in He thought much about it, and finally offered this as the considered result: And the incredible Hazlitt remarked about his own habit: We have studied this revolt in the theological line that runs from Luther through Kierkegaard to Brunner and Barth, and seen that it is self-destructive.

Some theologians, aware of this conflict, have at certain points resorted to open revolt against reason and its morality.

Karsten Harries “Brand Blanshard: “

There is very little evidence that they were affected by Greek thought, though Greek influence must have flowed around them after the conquests of Alexander. The habitual practice of such conversion is one of the surest devices for responsible thinking and clear writing.


The Hebrew sages were all monotheists who held that God fashioned the world but remained outside it; he had made his will known in the law delivered to Moses. Photo [left column, top] is by Richard P. Yes, I am afraid it does.

As an undergraduate at Michigan, Brand began to develop a serious interest in blansharrd. Thacker-ay and De Quincey, for example, and if more recent illustrations are wanted, the late H. Any person who has made this attempt with the seriousness which alone justifies writing about it knows what an austere business it is.

Sometimes, to anyone who really knows what is going on, it is obvious that in the arts of presentation the learned speaker is almost illiterate, sometimes that, though not illiterate, he thinks that only substance matters and form can take care of itself, sometimes again that he blannshard merely exhibiting bad manners in a region where he does not suspect there are any manners. Sir Thomas Browne said that he liked to pursue his reason to an O Altitudo.

They are not excrescences or lapses; they live in our memories because, on the contrary, they are so natural, human, and just.

To carry thought and light through into the dark places of a subject is hard work; it is enormously easier to march through it to the sonorous sound of generalities. Of greater personal significance than getting to know Dewey and blanshatd other brilliant thinkers than teaching at Columbia—Brand singled out William P. If their ideal of goodness is the will of a Deity who could inflict or permit the evil we know in the world, they have no consistent standard at blansharf.

Blanshard distinguished epistemological idealism the position that all objects of direct experience exist only in consciousness from ontological idealism the position that the world in itself is mental, or made of mind-stuff.

On the logical side it serves to bring to light the instance that might shake or destroy our principle; and, as T. Regarding units larger than the sentence, there is less need to speak. His lectures became legendary. The world for me is a necessary system, and in the degree to which the thinker can surrender his thought to that system and follow it, he is in a sense participating in that which is timeless or eternal.

Empiricists think that the meaning and test of thought lie in sensible experience, and hence they blnashard about this hearthstone much more closely than the far-ranging rationalists. That does exclude most applicants, including all the gaudier and more exciting ones, but it is not, after all a clean sweep. I have never been able to accept the realist view that the objects of direct experience are independent of consciousness.


A sentence as its simplest makes one statement, but if we were to make only one statement per sentence, our writing would be unbearable. Must such wisdom end in dogmatic contradiction and skepticism? I do not think that G. Soon both were at the top of their class, joined the debating team, and Brand was made class Poet. If science could get rid of consciousness, it would have disposed of the only stumbling block to its universal application.

Brand Blanshard

First, differences about intrinsic goods may be due to mere lack of knowledge on one side or the other. However that may be, this love for the perfect grand of speech to thought is a rare thing, rarer, though less important, than hrand love of knowledge itself.

Where deep-seated feelings are involved, as in matters of sex, race, or religion, the certainty that belongs to clear insight may be confused with the wholly different certainty of mere confidence or emotional conviction.

On Blanshard’s view, the Absolute is thus not merely consistent i. The enthusiasm for heavy substantives, having spread from adjectives to —ations, is now spreading backward again from —ations to adjectives. He maintained, with longtime friend and philosophical colleague A. The mention of Dean Mansel reminds us that three of the greatest orators of modern times were teachers and writers of philosophy — Bousset, Chalmers, and John Caird.

For one thing, the gusto he will feel in the business of thinking if he is really in love with his calling. The brothers participated in a project run by their shared mentor and friend, John Dewey.

Huxley said, there is nothing like a sordid fact to slay a beautiful theory. Bradley would have broken the sentence up and made the matter seem easy; he had an unusually sure sense of how large an increment of thought he could safely add in a sentence. On this page are links of.