Tracción de canino retenido superior con aparatología ortodóntica fija en perfecta alineación en el arco, utilizando los servicios de ortodoncia y cirugía. Exposición quirúrgica para la colocación de un dispositivo ortodóncico en un canino superior retenido. This video may be inappropriate for some users. Sign in to confirm your age. Watch Queue. Queue. Watch QueueQueue. Remove all.

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Her nasolabial angle is 90 degrees. Two interceptive approaches to palatally displaced canines: According to sex in this study was observed more frequently not statistically significant in women, coinciding with those reported by other authors, as Nieri et al. Mesofacial patient with a straight profile, slightly retrusive chin and slight protrusion of the lower lip. A slight hyperactivity of the mentalis muscle is observed Figure 1.

Rerenidos incidence of unerupted permanent teeth and related clinical cases.

Prediction of maxillary canine impaction using sectors and angular measurement. In relation to resorption of lateral incisors this occurred in 4.

Se obtuvo una muestra de 1. This result is similar to the findings of the longitudinal research done by Quirynen et al.

Etiopatogenia y Terapéutica de caninos permanentes Ectópicos e Incluidos

A split-mouth, long-term clinical evaluation. Britis Journal of Orthodontics. The measurements were performed directly on panoramic radiographs by a single operator, which was calibrated by an expert orthodontist.

Canine distalization was initiated with passive lacebacks Figure Radiographic localization of ortodoncja unerupted teeth: The materials used for measurements were acetate paper for plotted negatoscope, pencil lead chuck 0. Average age was The orthodontist has several therapeutic options but to achieve success it is essential to diagnose the dental impaction early.


Tunnel traction of infraosseous impacted canines. El canino superior incluido. To this end a multidisciplinary work is instituted comprising from the early evaluation retenidis the tooth until it is perfectly aligned in the arch, using the Orthodontics and Surgery services.

Straight profile with hyperactivity of the mentalis muscle. The strength of concordance obtained was ICC 0. Case report Female patient, mesofacial, retained upper right canine, upper arch with a triangular shape and the lower one with a squared shape; severe crowding in both arches, the patient shows lateral upper incisors in crossbite, lower dental midline deviated to the left, molar class I on both sides and canine class not assessable on either side.

A Apical Third; M middle third; C coronal third. Ortldoncia was activated V turn by day and V turn by night for 12 days Figure 5. Radicular resorption was observed in 2 lateral incisors.

Relative to the horizontal location the higher percentage Introduction Diagnosis and treatment of retained teeth becomes necessary in order to avoid later complications jeopardizing the integrity of the dental arch. We reviewed 16, records manually, general population who received dental care at the Faculty of Dentistry at the Universidad de La Frontera between andfrom which 11, were excluded for being over 16 years and for reetenidos less than 8 years, leaving 4, records aged 8 to 16 years.

In relation to the vertical location the highest percentage Radiographic factors affecting the management ortoroncia impacted upper permanent canines. In general, horizontally retained canines, ankylosed canines or canines close to incisors in the horizontal plane or located more apically are the most difficult to manage or the ones with the poorest prognosis and therefore may need to be extracted; likewise, the chances for success are reduced with age.


Etiopatogenia y Terapéutica de caninos permanentes Ectópicos e Incluidos

Consideraciones al referir pacientes con discapacidad a This impaction can be intraosseous covered by bone or submucosal covered by gingiva. Canine retention is related to its position in the bone. In the intraoral examination, the patient presents absence of the upper right canine, triangular upper arch and squared lower arch. Maxillary canine impaction; a final twist in the tale? The cephalometric analysis revealeda skeletal class ipatient due to retrognathia with vertical growth, lower dental protrusion and proclination caninks narrow airways.

On the panoramic radiograph we observed the retention ortodonica the upper right canine, eruptingupper and lower permanent second molars and included lower third molars Figure Further findings about the vertical tube shift method and other localization techniques.

The radiographic characteristics prior to treatment assessed in the panoramic radiographs are useful indicators for the duration of the orthodontic traction but they are not valid predictors for the final periodontal ccaninos of the orthodontically repositioned impacted canine. Reporte de un caso. The upper left lateral incisor was ligated proximally with an elastic thread. Complete fixed appliances offer a commonly used alternative with the traction cninos by means of an elastomeric chain or elastic thread or with a rigid arch wire.