The Junior DT/1 is a full commercial machine designed for small spaces and tight budgets (relatively speaking). It features high quality parts, a rotary pump, and. This subject of this review is the La Cimbali M21, Junior DT/1 “Casa.” In other words, La Cimbali’s latest, automatic single group, with. The newly updated Junior Casa DT1 is an espresso machine that is designed for the home Model, La Cimbali Junior Casa DT1 1 Group AV\Auto-Volumetric.

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The La Cimbali makes the point where flash boiling stops very unambiguous and easy to identify, even for people who cikbali had a lot jjnior experience.

Junior’s look is minimalist and no-nonsense. Tim Share Share this post on Digg Del. I guess that is where you go to analaboutcoffee. Familiarity breeds precision, and the longer I use the Casa, the more sensitive I am to dialing temps in. Between order and chaos there is espresso.

It seems like an excellent machine and has the rotary pump which i like. Junior can be a harsh mistress. I know Ben at Biobeans had one of these. Products Traditional machines Superautomatic Machines Accessories. I expected that given Junior’s premium price, it would be dreamily easy to make fabulous espresso. Using a lot of water makes things a lot easier.

Is there a smaller machine that I could replace this with that would produce similar quality coffee? The data is accessible and usable in accordance with our vimbali standards and policies or the equivalent standards of our suppliers or commercial partners. I live coffee Would Buy Again: They really don’t build ’em like that anymore.

La Cimbali Junior S/1

Callum Hale Thomson As long as your counting is consistent, you can consistently hit your targets. Anyway, although I am happy with my machine, very happy, I still think double boiler machines are a good idea.


La Cimbali M21 Junior DT is a machine designed and built for those who have limited space but want a stylish, traditional machine to create Italian-style espresso coffee and cappuccinos.

Hey, who knows, I might even look at a Bez!!!

Content, code, and images may not be reused without permission. I just read up the La Spatziale Vivaldi 2. Dispatch is normally working days. It was hard for me to find enough wrong with it to write credibly.

On the other hand, it’s worth repeating that the La Cimbali will not make bad beans better. One thing and another has kept me from posting much of anything anywhere, but my reaction to the Casa was a special and powerful inducement for procrastination.

Superautomatic Machines Superautomatic Machines. Price includes delivery and 12 months warranty — speak to us about specific details for this machine. Garante per la protezione dei dati personali – Piazza di Monte Citorio No.

All of your personal data is stored on our secure servers or as secure hard copies or junioe secure servers belonging to our suppliers or commercial partners. Only thing not working is the water sensor light.

Ever consider a grinder upgrade first. There is no extra cost or commitment to use this service, and you can cancel at any time, it is simply a way to save time and make sure you never run out of your favourite Ringtons products.

I don’t see much demand for older pump machines of that era on Kijiji or the Bayz. The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the appliances presented in this publication without notice. I learned that getting proper extractions from Junior demands that the barista pay more attention to technique, otherwise there’s a risk of channeling.

  G8P 1A4P PDF

The quick access to the interior demonstrates another quality of well-design commercial equipment: Three Month Followup 1 Year Followup: It’s price is beyond rubies. Click here for more information on this service.

It’s price is beyond rubies. If you have questions regarding the way we process your personal data, please contact the data controller directly using the above email address only. Hi Mike, Try sending a PM to mauricem. My coffee choices have me counting to four, five or six.

Contacts Where Careers Subscribe to our newsletter. Be realistic with your ratings, and remember that others will be using your review to make purchase decisions. As long as you flush it and do things right and use good coffeethe coffee from it is fantastic. Yes, it’s AN ultimate residential machine.

Give it a second and start another free pour, while counting to keep track of the time.


Beyond the niceties that please those who enjoy tinkering, there’s also small attention to details that caught my eye. Please help us keep your personal data up to date by informing us of any changes to it.

She has kind of a functional beauty to her is that a nice way of saying her personality makes her more attractive? Trust me and save yourself some aggravation by ordering a few, lighter springs from Chris or your parts supplier right off the bat.