I am in process of calculating depressurization rate for condensate dehydrator. LPG condensate composition as follows: Component Mole. Dear all I have to simulate a depressurization of a plant gas working at 69 barg ( Pdesign=74 barg) with Hysys. I know that I have to do 2. HYSYS Depressurisation Example – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Depressurization Hysys.

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Before the calculations start, the user must specify an initial Cv or area. Hence, if one is checking that the minimum temperature of the vessel will not fall below a certain value i. ddpressurization

It is a little unusual that you would see them in a fire case unless you are referring to the temperature after the blowdown valve. Individual companies may deviate depressurizayion this figure, so do check. Conduction The Conduction parameters allow the user to manipulate the conductive properties of the wall and insulation.

By default, this value is the pressure of the inlet stream. The user can specify orifice area or diameterrelief pressure and full open pressure.

C3 Liquid Volume 1 0. We have an upcoming webinar that will show exactly how to use this tool it is more rigorous, and more complex than DPU. htsys

Depressurization By Hysys

To account for piping or head volume contributions, a small amount can be added to the height or length of the vessel if the user so requires. Volumes higher than 7. The final pressure is given when the Depressuring Time has elapsed.

The calculations are repeated until the final pressure is reached in the given amount of depressuring time.


The only parameters user required to input are the orifice Discharge Coefficient Cd and Orifice area A. The area A should be a value between 0. These are both described in most textbooks about thermodynamics. However for design purpose, that depressurizatkon working without any test data, based on various publications on the subject, we can propose the following values as a guideline: The seven available valve types are described in the sections that follow. Thank you very much for this summary.

This depends on fluid inventory, initial conditions and mass of metal involved, someties the fluid will get very cold, but the mass of metal is large enough that the metal itself cannot physcially get that cold. By pressing the “Size Valve”, the valve can be sized for a given flow rate.

HYSYS Depressurization – Aspen Technology products – Eng-Tips

Enter your email address: Close this window and log in. This correction factor accounts for the vena contracta effect.

Pressing the “View Spreadsheet…” button will open the spreadsheet. Use Spreadsheet Recommended only for advanced users, this option allows the user to customise a valve equation by editing the valve spreadsheet found inside the Depressuring sub-flowsheet.

The best option would be to try various scenarios and observe the results. Help Center Find new research papers in: It should provide users with an explanation how to use the utility and correctly interpret the results. A variable can be added by pressing the “Add Variable” button and selecting it from the list of simulation variables. Three default strip charts are added when the utility is added. When the utility has stopped running, the final calculated value is displayed here.

Press the “Run” button to start the calculations. Both setting shall be lower than the maximum expected pressure. In simple terms you can think of this as the work that the fluid in the vessel does to expel the material that is leaving. It is possible to model a depressuring valve using the PSV valve.


The user may specify a maximum number of iterations and a pressure tolerance to improve convergence. Featured Articles Check out the latest featured articles. The following table is an example showing how the C3 term affects the wetted area calculation.

Search Advanced Search section: Attaching the stream to the utility is accomplished as shown in hyeys view Press the arrow and select the inlet stream from the drop-down list. The metal wall thickness must always have a finite value i. This will result some depressruization of inaccuracy. Liquid Slug Stabiliser – Another type of slugcatch Any configuration to the strip charts should be done before the utility is run, otherwise any new variables will not be stored.

This will be disproportionate to the total vessel volume, a more realistic hold up time is 4 minutes. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. Heat flux between depressurlzation vessel wall and the fluid is modelled as the fluid temperature drops due to the depressurisation.

Chemical & Process Technology: How to apply valve equation in HYSYS Depressuring ?

Are you an Engineering professional? This could be a significant cost impact to the project. By selecting “Use Specified Constants”, the user may manually enter the constants used in the heat transfer correlations.

The API Fire equations were developed on the assumption that the equation caters for all effects.