These sometimes harrowing, frequently funny, and always riveting stories about food and eating under extreme conditions feature the diverse voices of journalist . Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar: Technically, the author of the title piece didn’t sample the mud crabs pulled from the trench where she and. Get the Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar at Microsoft Store and compare products with the latest customer reviews and ratings. Download or ship for free.

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And a young, inexperienced female journalist shares mud crab in a foxhole with an equally young Hamid Karzai. We ate it wrapped in lettuce leaves with bean paste and nibbled from the side dishes-a cold, raw crab in spicy sauce, a sweet radish kimchi, potato salad-and then washed it down with two bottles of a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

Description These sometimes harrowing, frequently funny, and always riveting eatig about food and eating under extreme conditions feature the diverse voices of journalists who have reported from dangerous conflict zones around the world during the past twenty years. Natsios, a former U. Whether breaking bread with Palestinian militants, enduring army rations with US troops in Afghanistan or attempting to cook a turkey in Baghdad, they write with dollops of humanity, heapings of insight, and a dash of humor.

Read on your iOS and Android devices Get more info. My favorites include “Same-Day Cow Afghanistan ,” which includes vrabs intricate politics of MREs; “A Diet for Dictators North Korea ,” detailing the extravagant culinary preferences of Kim Jong-Il despite his starved nation and how how personally revealing his tastes are beyond our initial assumptions; and “How Harry Lost His Ear Northern Ireland ,” kadnahar which a journalist trains for marathon drinking in order to learn more about the Provisional IRA.

There is a story of on North Korean leader who while starving his nation, ate exotic and gorged himself on food.

Eating Mud Crabs in Kandahar : Stories of Food during Wartime by the World’s Leading Correspondents

Meals to Come Warren Belasco. Ina Japanese sushi chef using the pseudonym Kenji Fujimoto penned a memoir that gave rise to the expression “cook and tell. He is the author of Bittersweet: The people who are so often little more to us than a byline, who risk their very lives in the quest to bring us the most pressing news from around the globe, are brought to life in this edited volume of stories about food and eating in some of the most conflict ridden zones of jn world. He is the author of Bittersweet: An insightful book that let me into the accounts of war and food.


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He also supplied the world with the first and as of this writing inonly confirmed photograph of the successor. In Sugarland, Amy Wilentz takes us right into a makeshift home of a very hungry Haitian family during dinnertime.

On a whim, Kim once sent Fujimoto to pick up a box of his favorite rice cakes, which were scented with mugwort and available only at a department store in Tokyo. Fujimoto was recruited in by a Japanese-Korean trading md to work at an elite restaurant in Pyongyang for five thousand dollars per month. Rebecca rated it really liked it Dec 28, For the long winters without access to fresh vegetables, the North Korean diet relies heavily on kimchi, the spicy preserved cabbage that accompanies every meal.

Song ever stuffed herself. They expose the hard truth that hunger for survival is as universal as battle, that food itself is a metaphor for war, and that eating is war by other means.

Along with tales of deprivation and repression are stories of generosity and pleasure, sometimes overlapping. This memorable collection, introduced and edited by Matt McAllester, is seasoned by tragedy and violence, spiced with humor and good will, and fortified, in McAllester’s words, with kandaahar little more humanity than we can usually slip into our newspapers and magazine stories. As far as growing your own food is concerned, only the smallest “kitchen gardens” in backyards and on rooftops are legal.

Yet one gets the feeling that Kim Jong Il, in his heart of hearts, knows that his people wouldn’t be pleased if they knew what he spends feeding himself.

China Isabel Hilton Part Two: And the statistics about the death toll do not tell the eaating story. Pakistan Jason Burke Jeweled Rice: These sometimes harrowing, frequently funny, and always riveting stories about food and eating under extreme conditions feature the diverse voices of journalists who have reported from dangerous conflict zones around the world during the past twenty years.

Table of Exting Introduction: One woman I know well was a garment factory worker, a mother of five and a talented amateur cook kanndahar Chongjin, a city in North Korea’s far northeast. Sep 11, Huang rated it really liked it. Georgia Wendell Steavenson Dinner with a Jester: In my decade of involvement in famine relief efforts, I had never seen such a bizarre manifestation of a hunger coping mechanism as this videotape.


A journalist becomes part of the inner circle of an IRA cell thanks to his drinking eatinng. His palate was so sensitive that he could detect if the kitchen added cravs few grams too much sugar to the sushi rice.

But most of all, they obsessed about food. In this way, Kim Jong Il spent his birthday with devotion to the country and his people.

Jul 31, Laela rated it it was amazing. Georgia Wendell Steavenson Dinner with a Jester: Since my newspaper’s ethics rules forbid paying for interviews, I wanted to make sure that Crabw at least treated North Korean defectors crbs a good meal during their interviews. This is a brilliant collection of stories that satisfies our hunger for words with the intensity of our hunger to live.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. A pleasurable read such as this would be a great addition to a course on the subject of food and memory, or even as lightly intellectual fare for the food enthusiast.

What a fascinating book. Bosnia Janine di Giovanni Miraculous Harvests: I thoroughly enjoyed the insiders view into war zones and other unsettled places from the perspective of how and what to eat. All fascinating, For me Joshua Hammer’s account of his sumptuous meal with a Palestinian kanxahar, and his subsequent vilification by the Israelis and the pro-Israeli American press for his remark that it was one of the the best meals he’d eaten in Gaza, stands out mmud a real eye-opener.

Other coping mechanisms are equally ineffectual. The rotund North Korean leader had greater passion for good food than for beautiful women, allowing his chef as intimate an understanding of his psyche as any of his many purported mistresses, though none of them-as far as I know-ever mu a memoir. But it is in the ingenuity and the hunger pangs of people trying first to survive then not to starve that you find how important eatinf meal, not just sustenance, is to the human spirit.

It’s impossible to calculate what percentage of the total food budget for twenty-two million people is squandered on this one person and his coterie of family and friends. About the same time, billboards went up around Pyongyang with the slogan, “Let’s eat two meals a day!