The EKATO reactor agitators type HWL-N are the most powerful agitators compared to the others in EKATO’s product range. EKATO Corporation is excited to introduce its QUICK DELIVERY LINE agitator program. Our EM and FD series at our US facility in New Jersey are. EKATO EM agitators are designed for a wide range of volumes and pressurized or unpressurized vessels. The unit can either be directly driven by a motor or.

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Reactor agitators EKATO-HWL-N – Ekato

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EKATO supplies state-of-the-art process plants for the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry. For 85 years, EKATO has stood for the highest level of development and manufacturing expertise in the field of agitator technology. The life cycle of a process plant starts with the process development, goes through engineering, erection and commissioning and includes finally the During its year history, the family owned company has become a world market leader in stirring and mixing technology.

The EKATO GROUP companies offer optimized mixing technology, from modular, robust, and rapidly available industrial agitators over individual solutions for reactor agitators in sophisticated mixing processes up to complete process plants including automation. At the state-of-the-art research and development center in Schopfheim, EKATO offers engineering services from process development to process optimization to make customer processes and mixing procedures more reliable and efficient.


Mixing technology is involved in many unit operations in the production of polymers, chemical intermediates, APIs or fertilizers and of the consumer goods derived from those as paints, adhesives, sealants, lubricants etc. Agitation fulfills different requirements on batch-wise or continuously operated reactors: Mixing in the downstream processing of chemical products in mostly thermal and mechanical operations influences their properties and quality.

The control of particle sizes in EKATO crystallizers is facilitated by defined concentration and shear profiles in the slurry. Solid products are dried after crystallization or precipitation: EKATO vacuum dryers result in short process times without detrimental overheating of the product.

The production of cosmetic products is demanding different component properties to a production unit. Besides mixing and agitaor, short heating and cooling phases, degassing and different dosing methods are very important to reach the requested product quality.

With more than 12, agitators sold in the flue gas desulfurization industry, EKATO is the world market leader. Numerous bioethanol and biodiesel plants were already equipped with highly efficient agitators. Agitwtor developments and optimizations of existing processes were pushed continuously together with our customers. The extraction of metals using hydrometallurgical processes is gaining more and more importance.

New agitafor have been made possible due to recent advances and new insights in many fields of biotechnology, for example the function of micro-organisms in the microbiology, improvements in sterilization and cultivation of cells, as well as targeted genetic manipulation to produce high-performance organisms.


Needless to say, mixing technology has made a substantial contribution. Modern fermentation processes are used to obtain substances such as enzymes, active pharmaceutical ingredients, amino acids and vitamins as metabolites from micro-organisms. Many of these production processes are carried out most effectively in agitated fermenters.

Fats and margarine, fruit-desserts and juice concentrates, honey, cocoa and chocolate, ketchup, dairy products and sugar — everything needs to be mixed at one point in its production process. The different requirements concerning the mixing task sthe mixing process and especially the hygienic standards e. The process characteristics of fermentation and hydrogenation are especially challenging within the food industry.

Agitator components

During the Fermentation process the product viscosity can exceed 5, mPas, e. Xanthan as a thickener for foods. Such high viscosity fermentation processes are usually combined with high gassing rates which significantly influence the selection of a suitable impeller type and arrangement of the impeller sin order to achieve the best possible product output and quality.

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EKATO GROUP – Market leader in agitation and mixing technology

Bulk and specialty chemicals, polymers and bio-based raw materials. Impellers and vacuum processing units for the pharma industry. Hall A, Stand These seminars are free of charge and are usually addressed to product and process developers, project managers and those responsible for production or engineering. After Sales Your one stop solution for agitators and process plants.