Courtesy Service Protection. Courtesy Service Protection. Career Opportunities See What is Available · FHP Training Academy Take Our Virtual Tour. Why Apply . Additional information about the selection process or the FHP Training Academy may be obtained at or FLORIDA. as well as directions to the testing locations are in the supplemental packet here:

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Passed my PAT yesterday. I’m willing to put that number up against any agency in the state. No matter how much you may love the history, nostalgia, image or just the mission of FHP, you cannot ignore reality and the facts. I just got my Pysch letter today in the mail scheduled for November 30th. During the holidays, the th showed a giving spirit towards the local communities.

Sixty New Troopers Ready for Patrol [Archive] – LEO Affairs Forums

Between the curriculum and the physical training requirements, the number of recruits dwindled to TBL I am sorry about that.

Also, a couple more because of credit issues with collection accounts and child support issues.

Of course the guys in Tallahassee will disagree. Last edited by Hopefull ; The car is falling apart. God bless the ones that stay, they need it!

Yea I got some crap employmentpackft the lady when I said that I thought it was ok for a LEO to take someone’s phone number, that has nothing to do with a call or case, while on duty, to hang out with later. Test was easy but tiring.

  G2E108 AA01 01 PDF

After delivering his encouraging and heartfelt remarks, the th BRC presented a class t-shirt to the governor. Charlie Crist addressed attendees at the graduation ceremony, which included hundreds of family members, friends and representatives from other state and local law enforcement agencies.

With all the bad guys, newspaper writers looking for a story, criminals looking to sue, college professors teaching hate for cops etc etc etc Wow, they are strict with credit. The th enjoyed the experience, and the academy is very thankful to Troop H troopers for their assistance.

Got my employmentpaket yesterday telling me glhsmv be at the training center on Dec Having 4 units back you up to make a DUI arrest, taking a report and forwarding it on to an investigator, calling for a narc to make your drug case, or sitting on a traffic crash for 1 hr waiting on FHP to respond so that you can direct the traffic around the crash.

Originally posted by PeteM View Post. Been a loooooong road to traverse so far. Anyone know if theres going to be a transition employmebtpacket the end of this month.

flhsmv gov fhp career employmentpacket PDFs / eBooks

Fix the pay issues and keep folks that are willing to stay and that’s when we will start to see the RIGHT folks promoted. Guess I passed the poly. FHP has become a training ground. Run from wreck to wreck, one trooper covering two counties on a Friday night.


Career stoked about my Psych eval on the 30th of November. FHP is an agency that is dead and going nowhere.

Bitly. The power of the link.

cafeer Didn’t you have active gang members at Troopers? I guess you guys have to take what you can get. Congrats but flhskv so you know, the FWC academy has never had a recruit fail the state exam. They said it didn’t matter every credit situation is handled the same Crotta I was told that due to the overwhelming amount of application they are receiving due to the economy for the next academy class and maybe the other one, they are leaning towards people with military or previous law enforcement experience.

When the guys who are supposed to have the best interest of an agency in mind Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, etc.

He was found out and eliminated from the position. What a long process tho.

FHP’s hiring standards are pathetic. Watching for the 2 year mark Glad to see I am not the only one from Chp going. Looking to joing the FHP.