WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? GAGAMBA, the cripple, sells sweepstakes tickets the whole day at the entrace to Camarin, the Ermita restaurant. He sees. User Review РFlag as inappropriate. Francisco Sionil Jose as always will leave you with thought provoking questions about life and particularly about being. Buy a cheap copy of Gagamba the Spider Man book by F. Sionil Jos̩. WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE? GAGAMBA, the cripple, sells sweepstakes tickets the.

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Although lacking in schooling, Elisa has the bearing and the intelligence of the well bred woman. Dolf Contreras had a successful real estate business and convinced Elisa was worth more than being a prostitute. I share my friend Ayban’s sentiments captured in his review of this book. The use of one o’clock in almost every chapter, where a different story is about to end, at the same time about to begin.

But, Major Sol wants to be a guy beyond reproach since he has seen the destruction that drugs has done and gagammba to continue being a professional soldier. They represent the melting pot that is Philippine society and, within Camarin, they air their victories, grievances, and lusts.

The author does a good job of creating characters who are intriguing and who we want to know more about. What did I find out? While Gatsy spiver outspoken, Eric was quietly calculating only telling certain people his thoughts. Rhandell Acena rated spicer liked it Jan 17, In the end, there is no difference between Gagamba or the moneyed.

Pat Bation rated it it was ok Oct 03, It’s amazing how much he can make you feel just by using a few choice words. However, a few years later, what has actually changed since the years when Marcos led this nation to ruin?

The hacienderos were forced to marry within the family to keep the holdings together. Still, there was Gagamba selling sweepstakes tickets, his feature, a source of luck to others but a curse to himself. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Ignore the rest and you might as well read his Rosales Saga o Ermita: To my mind this book is not about the existence of God or the none existence of God, not about how we meet death nor how we survive.


Though the story was not in anyway breath taking, it still captures a vivid picture of Filipino attitude even if it was set 20 years ago. But life does not discriminate, and neither does death. Dolf luxuriated in every inch of her body but despite this she was just one of his many ceridas. Ritchie rated it liked it Oct 09, He laments like a Filipino John Donned as he is befuddled by the sudden generosity of a God who gave him deformities.

Sionil’s way of opening up the eyes of his readers, to what could be or what is actually happening. I enjoyed this book.

Gagamba: The Spider Man

Emma’s mother’s pride was when she gave Emma away in marriage as a virgin since her mother’s lover left her. View all 5 comments. Sionil Jose encapsulated the corruption of the powerful and the plight of the poor. He was a good provider and had a stable married life with a wife who was his ch Another great read from the master of Filipino letters written in English.

We are in a big web of life that has bound to end no matte who we are or what we have done. His writing is something I go back to from time-to-time. We all know about his love of the country and his compassion for the unwashed.

It was really interesting going through the different characters, and I switched from pity, to horror, to disgust and slight admiration while I read, depending on the character being presented.

Gagamba: The Spider Man by F. Sionil Jose / guiltless reading

Sionil Jose and those 10 short stories felt like a rehash of those that I’ve already read. General Primo’s job was a man with who graduated from West Point and was fond of looking for women in Caramin. In many gaggamba, old problems are simply replaced with new ones.


spder Reading this is tiring as the clock is rewound with every new character that, at the halfway point, you are already curious about the aftermath of the earthquake.

Aug 21, Mwn Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: In mid-Julya killer earthquake struck and entombed all the beautiful people dining at the Camarin. Even the poor who already got shat on, died when the earthquake hit after the fact that a rich man gave them the best food to eat. He lamented why would God give him horrible deformities if he was to be spared in the end? Jan spiider, Becky Simplyme rated it really liked it. Lia rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Inside the limited sq.

All in all, a good, thought-provoking read! The latter includes the character for which the book is named.

The priest was sad that the President did spidsr defend honest professionals who want to help the country. I am such a fan of Mr.

There is nothing like Wilder’s thought provoking philosophical question here.

Gagamba – Wikipedia

Rhoda R rated it really liked it Nov 12, So, if you have time, read only the first 4 chapters of this book and go straight to the last one for the denouement. These are enough for me not to hate this book. I did not feel that my time was wasted. Rizal was the head waiter at Carmin who noted yhe customers like variety in their women.