When I rejoined Sylvie, I found her weeping because of the crown I had When it was currently reported that Gérard de Nerval had. SYLVIE Source for information on Sylvie by Gérard de Nerval, Reference Guide to Short Fiction dictionary. Complete summary of Gérard Labrunie’s Sylvie. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Sylvie. Gérard de Nerval. Gérard Labrunie.

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Click here to sign up. Sylvie is a kind of idyll written in the form of memoirs and reminiscence, where the story surrounds around the narrator who loves three different women, all of whom he loses in the quest for ideal love.

The narrator, of noble status and who has gerarr come into an inheritance, decides to leave Paris, where he is living a debauched life of theater and drink, and return to the love of his youth, a peasant girl named Sylvie who has classic features and brunette hair, a “timeless ideal”.

Aug 27, Satrina T rated it liked it. Che dire ora, che non sia la storia di tanti altri?

Sylvie (novel) – Wikipedia

Published September 12th by Fayard first published ggerard Sylvie when published was admired by many literary circles in and around France for its poetic vision and lyrical prose. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

So I told her how my love had been awakened by that slender figure bathed in mist and moonlight, and how, since then, that love had lived only in my dreams, now to be realized in her. In the garden scene she was sublime Amongst a profusion of ornaments, which it was then the fashion to collect, in order to restore the local colour of an old-time interior, there gleamed with freshly polished lustre, one of those tortoise-shell clocks of the Renaissance, whose gilded dome, surmounted by a figure of Time, was supported by caryatides in the style of the Medici, resting in their turn upon rearing steeds.

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Like wandering through a dream of sorts. More interesting than these autobiographical links is the narrator’s highly significant remark that yslvie has preferred not to become too well informed about the actress “for fear of spoiling the magic mirror that reflected her image towards me.


Une amoureuse flamme Consume mes beaux jours ; Ah!

At the end of the novella the reader is in constant perplexity as to what might have happened to the narrator. Izvorno izdanje je tiskano The tale shows an uneasy juxtaposition of relationships with women that threaten to become entangled and that do not reach their fulfillment.

Sylvie: souvenirs du Valois by Gérard de Nerval

Or sorry, a Romantic. Here we do indeed find much that is individual to Nerval himself, but “Sylvie” is likewise testimony to the extent to which his own attitude and outlook were themselves shaped by his reading. You expect me to say ‘the actress and the nun are the same’; you are merely arranging a drama and the issue of the plot is lacking.

Suddenly the narrator gets reminded of an image from a distant memory from his childhood and experiences a flashback. The novella progresses in a nonlinear format from a theatre in Paris to the Alps.

Encyclopedia of the romantic era, — It was not to tell the hour that I bought this time- piece in Touraine. It was first published in the periodical La Revue des Deux Mondes inand as a book in Les Filles du feu injust a few months before Nerval killed himself in January Suddenly the whole narrative and time frame shifts focus from Sylvie to the actress Aurelie.

Very rarely does one come across such beautiful lyrical prose. The maiden was sitting Beside the swift stream. I don’t have a favorite character here. Our lover turned narrator is a man with ideals, not moral ideals – no, he is a bit of a rake, though a passionate and romantic one, but rather aesthetic ideals, geradd as they pertain to love and romance. Thanks for telling us about the problem. The works, no doubt excellent, had not been put in motion for two centuries.

It was good but it was too much romanticism for my taste. The structure of “Sylvie” serves to transport us farther and farther into the past. Nerval conceived the story where dream and reality merge into one another.

Sylvie: souvenirs du Valois by Gérard de Nerval – Free Ebook

His memories are honeyed with these ideals, and are presented to use under the honeyed patina of nostalgia. The Modern Language Review, Vol. One cannot read this without thinking of the beauty of the prose. The perspective seems to shift back and forth between the past and present, so the reader is never entirely sure if the narrator is recounting past events f The story is about a hero’s love for three women, all of whom he loses; a hymn to unattainable, unrequited love.


Throughout the main action of the plot, Nerval employs the technique of flashback and then suddenly reverting Vol. Jan 01, Eliana Castillo rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 07, MauroMC rated it liked it. I had scarcely noticed in our round, a tall, beautiful blonde, called Adrienne, when suddenly, in following the figures of the dance, she was left alone with me, in the centre of the ring; we were of the same height, and they bade me kiss her, while the dance and song went whirling on, more merrily than before.

The narrator seems to reconstruct a moment of time, experienced as a memory but unable to rediscover it in future resulting in long lost nostalgia. Ne sono rimasta incantata e, per quasi tutta la lettura, mi sono trovata a pensare: As they pass by a monastery, the narrator happens to mention the name of Adrienne much to the utter dismay of Sylvie.

Heart-broken, the narrator knowing that Adrienne is unattainable goes back to Paris to continue his studies, but his heart still pines for Adrienne- His unrequited love.

At the end it was a good read, but it could have been better. It wasn’t always immediately clear to me when he would drift off into a story taken from one of the narrator’s memories. Open Preview See a Problem? I am NOT a romantic, I guess. Feb 11, Zaizie Rainyday rated it really liked it. He really goes off the deep end, and the whole time dream and reality are supposed to be blurred. Help Center Gersrd new research papers in: In the end he loves all three but obtains none, seemingly for reasons both beyond and within his making.

I think he’s in love with the idea of love.