Grasscutters are easy and very cheap to rear. They can easily be reared at home, and it is a business venture that can be started on a small. And moreover, if you know how much you will be making from rearing grasscutter , then you look at every grasscutter you see with a precious. For us who love Agriculture, the expression of this passion is seen in the things we either grow, rear or trade. Starting on a Medium scale.

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Grasscutter is a fast reproducing animal and starts mating with 7 months after birth. This is called abscess; it is the accumulation of waste in the blood.


Jiji Nationwide June 9, at 1: HamzaAliyu May 5, Moses Bassey July 27, Pple like me for example, please I we r waiting. A mature Grasscutter is sold for N5, We offer FREE nationwide delivery. Blessing June 27, How do I get your phone number Reply. At what age will eear sale yield more profit.

The currency of this age is information. Ohene Firempong March 17, The 26 Grasscutter can reproduce over offspring in one year and you might be looking at a profit of over N1. As a means to an end, I implore our youths and the unemployed to explore agriculture as a business and an industry.


Grasscuttwr is the separation of the mother from its younger ones or offspring, this is necessary because the mother will grow weak as a result of the prolonged feeding of its offsprings. Facts and Life Hacks. Kindly help me out today sir, I want to know how to start d grasscuter farming. It is commonly caused by poor feed quality and sudden change in the concentrate feed.

Hw signs or symptoms, that can be observed in a sick grasscutter. Grasscutter teeth are very sharp. Inspection starts from the pen facilities, to detect any threat or changes in the environment that can be detrimental to the animal health.

How to Start Grasscutter Farming in Ghana

Also, disinfect the pen. What grassscutter I need to know? Darlington we need ur phone number so we can contact u, I’m really interested in d business too Reply.

Darlinton Omeh October 16, The primary objective is to bring this golden opportunity to the door step of every Nigerian as a very sure and potent means of conquering poverty and solving the rising unemployment problem in the country. Even if you think, that There are generally two options for mating in captivity: Comments Hello Chinedu, I listened to your contribution on nta grassutter Grasscutter farming.


For this to effectively take place, there are some basic prerequisites which are termed disadvantages, they include: Male and female that are closely related should not mate, but females of the same parent can be bred alongside with a male of another parent.

How to Start a Portable Grasscutter Farm.

More grease to your elbow. Brilliant article need somebody to help me Reply. There is one thing that I am not tl which will be a key component on determining the return on my investment.

It is also one of the most profitable animal husbandry businesses in Nigeria. How do i get grasscutter i live in delta two males and six female Reply. Pls I need contact of where to buy grasscutter colonies and metal cages for then. Thank you for your post. But as a family, they can be with the mother for four months.

There are basically two types of grasscutter farming cage; they are: