HP28S REFERENCE MANUAL – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. View and Download HP S owner’s manual online. Advanced Scientific Calculator. HPS Calculator pdf manual download. View and Download HP S quick reference online. HPS Calculator pdf manual download.

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I read the manuals from cover to cover.

This program is especially made for developers which are using a customize editor and want to transfer the output file easily to Emu48 and for developers which want to add the interface into own applications. Page 18 HPS This command can operate on lists of names. Emu42 for PocketPC 1.


The solver finds the value for one of the variables used in the program X or Y for which the program returns 0 in stack level 1. USER Display user variables and progams in the current directory. The current coordinate system settings in PPAR are obeyed!

Hold down “ON”, then press “L” Page 11 HPS Select decimal entry format and display all binary numbers in the stack in decimal notation with a trailing ‘d’. If a period is used as the decimal sign then the comma will function as number separator — and vice versa! This is what i did, even though at the time i know nothing about computer science or programing. When you enter a number and press the ‘INCO’ button the calculator will start with a 3 by 3 array containing only nines, mixing it the number of times you entered by picking a row and a column in which it will decrease all numbers by one.


HPS Select decimal entry format and display all binary numbers in the stack in decimal notation with a trailing ‘d’. Plots airfoils for remote control airplane and sailplane flyers, and prints them on the printer.

An adventure game for the 28S featuring 3D line drawings of the maze being navigated. Cosine of a real or complex value. Retrieved from ” https: On the left side of the flip, there is an alphabetic keyboard in alphabetic order.

HP -28S Owner’s Manual

On the right was a typical scientific keyboard layout. Archived from the original on Print Menu 10 different elements if the order of the drawn elements does matter. Short programs for some basic probability applications. The user can scale and translate the graphical output exactly like any normal graphical operation. Inverse operation of PUT: XPON Exponent of a manial number.

Logs Menu usually complicated functions. This includes plain numbers that occur within programs or lists. You can also change the ratio between adjacent notes to get 24 note per octave micro turning or other strange effects.

Tiny Multiple Equation System Solver 1. Print object in stack level 1. The HPs is capable of playing simple beeps of various frequencies.

It is actually the HPs that i did my first programing. Car Trip Computer 1. Command line tool to create Emu42 state files allowing a very flexible memory layout for testing purpose.

This update is necessary for recent versions of Emu28, Emu42 and Emu In HTML format with detailed photos. The 8-queens puzzle is typically solved by a backtracking algorithm.


HP -28S Quick Reference

The following functions are good candidates for expansion: HPS Double space printing. Graphing calculators Manuaal calculators Products introduced in Allows one to integrate, numerically, many kinds of functions that the default integrator of the calculator can’t solve.

It was a puzzle posted to CompuServe ‘s math forum. Information about the power consumption of the HP 28, including information on power consumption versus CPU speed. For Galerkin’s method, the test function w comes from the chosen trial function, i.

Even if the case itself was sturdy enough, those notches were under extreme pressure, most especially while the user was opening or closing the lid such as during the replacement of the batteries.

What’s the Latest and Greatest in Calculators? HPS Note that the command does not accept binary numbers! Replace exponentials of an exponent by a product of exponentials: Aroundi’m taking music classes. And, it is also one of the first graphing calculator.

Very interesting routine in RPL to key integer numbers without interrupting your program. That is, my program misses 8 solutions or was it mxnual However, there are important differences: The main difference is the smaller memory of only 2 kByte.