Java Methods A&AB, AP* Edition. Home Page. This book is out of print — see. Be Prepared Calculus. Questions in Calculus; O Download files. Students. Maria Litvin Implementing and Using Classes; Chapter In one volume, this new edition covers both the introductory Java/OOP material tested.

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Wed, 7 Sep I will recommend this book to anyone who asks! I find that it’s a good balance between high school student accessability and college level reading. While the text itself is excellent – students who embrace the text do well in understanding and mastering the concepts of the AP course.

Java Methods: PowerPoints

Skylight also offers a AP test prep book that aligns nicely with the text. This is a positive because the two books use similar language and structure. Classroom teaching in reinforced by the test prep further deepening student mastery. Equally important to me is how Gary and Maria support their “customer base”. Gary and Maria are terrifically active and respected in the AP community.

Both have been willing to act as a voice for teachers both novice and experienced. It’s not my habit to endorse any specific product but I’m so pleased with Java Methods I feel it’s worth it to “put myself out there” and share my positive support. I have been using this book including its earlier version for 12 years. It teaches the essential concepts in computer programming, and goes over and above what is needed for the APCS exam.

It provides a course rather than a review. The concepts are introduced in a logical and comprehensive manner, which builds on previous sections and provides lasting understanding.

It is an extremely important text for students wanting to succeed on the APCS exam and further their studies in computer science. Wed, 10 Jul For Maria Litvin To: I just accessed my AP scores, and although I only had 3 boys in the course, they all made a five! Couldn’t have done it without you and your textbook! I’m off to buy a lottery ticket! For experienced teachers this can be a plus.

For beginning AP teachers it might be a negative. The Litvin’s textbooks are much easier for High School students to read, focused on the AP subset, and have great rigor with lab assignments as well as test questions. I think, as best as I recollect, that this was our basic decision for returning to Litvin’s textbooks. I get more excited about using your text the more I examine the details.

I am always pleasantly surprised by the content you’ve created and your ways of explaining it. The following is a quote from a review at AP Central for the previous edition: It is built specifically for the AP curriculum, it is written in a form comfortable to students, its exercises are challenging, and its resources are invaluable to teachers.

But perhaps most simply, it is an excellent text for teaching and learning Java. Please see the complete review at AP Central for the previous edition. The students in Maria’s introductory class studied from a draft of this book. Here is what they said: Was the book too hard, too easy, just right? I found the book to be just right. The book was easy to understand; just right!


I believe the book was well written. The book was a little hard sometimes without someone to help explain it, but for the most part it was very clear. The book was good. There was a broad range of difficulty in the questions, which was what we needed. The problems ranged from easy to challenging and the text of the chapters was very thorough. The book that we used was much easier to understand than some of the other books that I have tried to read to learn Java.

Everything was explained in easier terms, for people who did not have much experience in Java, and the analogies helped me understand a lot of the more difficult concepts. The book could be really confusing at times and I felt like it was skipping over some parts and assuming we already knew the material.

There were a few bits that were a little hard for me to undertand just from the reading, but I could figure those parts out in class. Read teacher testimonials about the previous editions below.

Mon, 19 Jul AB Resource Question To: You’ll find the book excellent — to the point, full of labs good visual labsfantastic support materials ppts for each chapter, test bank, all labs in electronic form — both setup for students and completed versions of labs, etc.

At the link above, you can also find sample chapters directly available in pdf form — you’re lucky, I just checked and the Big-O chapter is there — it’s ch 8. Hi I too am using Java Methods and have nothing but praise for the textbook The Litvin’s support is amazing, just look at merhods stuff on their website and if that weren’t enough, they answer their email VERY promptly, sometimes immediately.

BTW, I’ve asked them general Java questions as well as textbook related items.

I can’t praise them emough! As a sideline, I was one of the editors of the new ICT curriculum and I do find that its a great supplement to the Litvin text! So far I have been even more impressed with their new texts. For one, the old workbook has been eliminated by the addition of a wealth of exercises in the book.

The case studies in the book teach OOP very well by providing lots of discussion and rationale on project development and how programmers divide and conquer large problems. There are many labs with practically complete programs where the students have to provide strategic code, thus getting their point across with little time consuming entering of preliminary code.

The labs are diverse and include graphics and sound to motivate the students. I am thoroughly enjoying teaching AP in Java primarily because of their supportive texts. Thanks Maria and Gary! I am very impressed with the test bank that comes with Java Methods AB. The problems are challenging, well written, and exacting. They do an excellent job of isolating a particular concept and testing it. It is by far the best test bank that has ever crossed my desk. I am trying to get the district to buy a classroom set, otherwise the funds must come from my campus.


The book and syllabus are great. Thanks for the great book! I’ve settled on Java Methods from Skylight Publishing as our primary text. You can check it out on the web site at http: The book is well thought-out, focuses on the AP materials, well supported by the website and inexpensive as textbooks go.

I have found Java Methods to be a good book for my intro programming class this year. The resources are very good, including code, examples and power point slides. The students generally feel they can read the book and understand it.

This was particularly important for me this year since we had a baby the last day of first semester so I was out for the first two weeks of the second semester and my intro programming students had the book as their main resource.

When the budget crunch in our district clears I think it is likely we will seriously consider the Skylit AB book as well. My students and I are really enjoying the exercises. The readability of the text makes it easier for me I don’t need a lot of extra handouts to explain the text to the students. During lectures, I directly refer to the book and elaborate here and there. But for the most part, I can expect my students to read the book.

Java Methods

And for most of my students, English is not their first language. The Litvin Books are excellent: Their web site is www.

On Wed, 02 Apr It all works very well together and the suport is excellent. I am making my first contribution to this listserve. I have been teaching the AP Computer Science course at my public high school since its inception in I have been silently reading and benefiting from this listserve for all these years.

Now I am prepared to contribute. I have decided to start with the Java language this year.

Java Methods by Maria Litvin, Gary Litvin

Since I know how hard it is to select a text, I decided to share my experience with the text I chose, Litvin’s Java Methods. I am delighted with the text. The reading level is approriate for my students. It has case studies throughout to allow the students to see the “big picture. I find the assignments to be appropriate for students preparing for that test.

I am particularly impressed with the supporting materials: I have been especially impressed with the support that the Litvins give.