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User Username Password Remember me. Each observation method has its own drawbacks and advantages. Language Select Language English Indonesian. Abstract Abstrak Mikrokontrpler teknologi elektronika dewasa ini cukup pesat. Beberapa teknologi sudah dapat dibuat di Indonesia, tetapi masih banyak teknologi yang harus didatangkan dari luar negeri. Kecepatan angin ini bermanfaat bagi nelayan, nelayan harus mengetahui arah datangnya angin setiap saat untuk mendorong perahu layar bagi para pencari ikan manusia pun sangat membutuhkan udara atau gerak udara, kikrokontroler arah angin dapat dimanfaatkan untuk kebutuhan manusia sehari-hari, misalnya untuk kincir angin sebagai penggerak generator sehinggga dapat menghasilkan arus listrik yang bermanfaat bagi kehidupan manusia, membantu kedatangan dan keberangkatan pesawat dibandara.

Of research result is known outgrows it wind speed on ranunesa’s region starts to hit 6.


Severally technological can made in Indonesia, but is still a lot of technology who shall be wreaked of abroad. Abstract In marking system, a sport usually the marking is done manually or digitally for show a score in a competition, show the result digitally still used a button that connected with cable.

ATmega16, sensor, weather, portable. The purpose of this research is to change the system tools from analog into digital by changing the settings of the timer and frequency using the keypad that is controlled using the Microcontroller ATMega Dari hasil penelitian atmega1 besarnya kecepatan angin pada daerah ranunesa mulai pukul 6. Authors are permitted and encouraged to post their work online e.

Anemometer Digital Berbasis Mikrokontroler Atmega | Azwar | Inovasi Fisika Indonesia

Technology instruments that is utilized mikrokonttroler those is miikrokontroler speedometer tool. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Language English Bahasa Indonesia. Specifications of the simulation tool elektrostimulator acupunture designed include the frequency setting of Hz, setting the intensity of a voltage 0 timer setting until 25Vac jkrnal minutes and has a spike waveform mode continou and electrodes used floating types.


Granting the power to create a balance of energy chi in the body. Salah satu teknologi yang harus didatangkan dari luar negeri adalah teknologi atmeega16. Authors who publish with this journal agree to the following terms: In this study, designed and manufactured a portable instrument measuring temperature, humidity and air pressure.

JMKG is in the process of indexing at: Score, Marking, Atmega16 Microcontroller, Remote. In administering the energy must pay attention to the voltage waveform, intensity, frequency and timing of stimuli.

This device uses infrared censor as connector or connection with remote. Oleh karena itu perlu dibuat alat yang dapat mengetahui kecepatan dan arah angin yang mudah digunakan.

Authors are able to enter into separate, additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution of the journal’s published version of the work e.

Inovasi Fisika Indonesia (IFI)

Dalam penelitian ini telah dilakukan perancangan sistem yang digunakan untuk mengetahui arah angin dan menentukan kecepatan angin dengan menggunakan anemometer digital bebasis mikrokontroler Atmega dengan proses pengambilan data yaitu dengan memberikan variasi kecepatan kipas angin sehingga didapatkan data dalam bentuk pulsa yang selanjutnya diproses oleh mikrokontroller dan ditampilkan pada layar display dalam bentuk nilai kecepatan angin dan juga arah angin.

The test result show that simulated acupunture elektrostimulator tool result obtained in accordance with the compliance with the specifications but there is little the percentage error of frequency deviation i. Jurnal Meteorologi Klimatologi dan Geofisika.

The output of this tool is the reading of the temperature, humidity and air pressure in realtime displayed on mikrokontroldr LCD with the timing of the RTC and can be sent to a computer for data storage purposes.

Therefore needs to be made by tool who can know speed and easy wind aim is utilized.

Automated tools simplify observers in collecting data, especially when observed outside garden tools and relocates. From analisis up the stairs acquired that accuracy point of this tool as big as This device contain of hardware and software. In screen display, there is a time that will determine how long a competition happens, in belowest part is a status of competition time. User Username Password Remember me. In screen display, there is a time that will determine how long a competition happens, in belowest part is a status of competition time Keyword: Teknologi instrumentasi yang digunakan diantaranya adalah alat pengukur kecepatan angin.


The purpose of making device in this thesis is to show a score board that can be used in sport and can be used for show the competition score with remote that easy to give an input to a screen. Electronicses technologic developing mature this adequately quick.

Vol 3 No 2 In marking system, a sport usually the marking is done manually or digitally for show a score in a competition, show the result digitally still used a button that connected with cable. This blustery speed fisherman benefit, fisherman shall know its coming aim blustery each while to push sailboat for scavenging even human fish really need air or air power, since wind aim can be utilized for man requirement everyday, e.

Abstract Elektrostimulator combined in acupunture therapy to provide the stimulation of electric energy at the point of the meridians of the body. In this research was done system scheme that is utilized to know wind aim and determines wind speed by use of bebasis mikrokontroler Atmega’s digital anemometer 16 by downloading process which is with give fan speed variation so gotten by data in shaped pulse which hereafter been processed by mikrokontroller and is featured on display display in shaped appreciative blustery speed and also wind aim.

User Username Password Remember me. Observation of weather parameters are routine activities for observers, either by conventional means or automatically with the help of digital tools. Portable tool has advantages in size and effectiveness of use without sacrificing reliability as conventional means. ATMega16, sensor, weather, portable. Perkembangan teknologi elektronika dewasa ini cukup pesat.