You could learn about Kasina meditation from “Visuddhimagga (Path the create “Earth Kasina”(object) and describe how to do the meditation. Helo. some peoples say Kasina meditations are right to attain jhanas. some other peoples are skeptical and they say it is the right way: Nimitta. I have been reading “Mindfulness, Bliss and Beyond”, and Ajahn Brahm very briefly (one sentence) refers to kasina meditation. I went and.

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That method is the method that has translated as Earth Kasina. This is able to turn one substance into another, to extend a product the Visuddhimagga tells the story of a husband and wife who fed a huge crowd out of a cup of pancake batter by extending it and finally solidification – the ability to turn liquids into solids such as walking on water.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. More success stories All success stories Hide success stories. We found the teaching of the Buddha. And thereby many disciples of mine abide having reached the perfection and consummation of direct knowledge.

We know that this universe is the samsara. Out of the 40 meditation subjects the Buddha taught and encouraged, Kasina meditations take up 10 of them. In reference to what was it said? All practitioners will vary subtly and in the same way they need to choose the right one for themselves if a qualified instructor cannot recommend one for them.


Wayo Kasina This concentrates on air. Be grateful for it Awakasa Kasina Kasinw we targets on empty space around us.

Meditation uses this as a means to an end – the way to develop insight and mental development. I have been using this ‘method’ for a few weeks now to some good effect I’ve searched through the web and also Wikipedia regarding Kasina meditation and could not find detailed information.

I did this for myself, and was astounded by the results. Here’s some basic instructions and suggestions to make your own: Is the breath watched like in Anapanasati?

Dhamma Wheel

The four great existents and the form derived from them. Help answer questions Learn more. Thank you for the answer. Warnings It is, according to the Buddhist analogies, the way to develop superhuman powers or “miracles”. Thanks for letting us know.

3 Ways to Practice Kasina Meditation – wikiHow

Keep observing the new image and noting the characteristic. Gaze gently at the disc and relax into it, as strong, rigid focus can create strain which can be a hindrance. If it fades away, go back and focus on the original again until the symbol appears again.


Eventually the mind becomes fully absorbed into the image, which you can then use to develop insight. Application effects of the four Brahma Viharas, also known as goodwillcompassionappreciative joy and equanimity.

Those Kasinas are here because of a reason. The application and benefit of letting go and; 7. The Noble Eightfold Path3. In modern times, qualified meditation instructors who know which meditation is suitable for each person are rare so meditations such as Kasina types are often left for the more experimental practitioners interested in finding out what place they fit into the range of meditations.

Can the meditation object be anything? Who is online Users browsing this forum: It is better to make your object by yourself before meditation when needed.

meditationn I can feel wetness on my tongue, I’m quite warm on my left side where there is heater, earth in the solidness of my seat, etc.