Fenix LD10 R5 LED Flashlight The Fenix LD10 is a multi-purpose flashlight with 4 brightness levels that allow you to choose between maximizing your. Cette lampe peut produire lumens en mode turbo. Son autonomie exceptionnelle allant jusqu’à 34 heures (puissance 9 lumens) ravira professionnels et. Brand: Fenix Model: LD10 Lamp Beads: Cree R5 Beads Number: 1. Lumens Range: Lumens Luminous Flux: LM Feature: Lightweight,Stainless Steel.

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But both regulation and runtime are top-of-the-line for this class of light 2xAA.

I wish now that I had waited on a review. Fit and finish are very good on my samples, with no flaws in the matte black type-III hard anodizing. Ok, this is where things start to get interesting.

I suspect this has something to do with the Fenix lights lacking a buck circuit, and the new XP-G R4 emitters having a relatively lower Vf than previous emitters.

FENIX LD10 – lumens

As for the battery quirk of loosing Lo-Med initially on 2xL91, this is part of the flip-side to excellent performance i. New with these lights fehix the removable Fenix stainless steel pocket clip with black titanium coatingvery similar to the TKR5 I reviewed previously. Lo or Turbo, depending on the bezel state.


I think that an LD10 on ‘heavy duty’ is going to fall out of regulation pretty quickly. High output runtime of new LD20 xp-g R4, also on alkaline.

It’s still a great light if you plan to us rechargable.

Fenix LD10 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight with CREE XP-G R5 LED 100 Lumens – 1 x AA

Fenix is pretty smart, they know that some people will resolutely not give up alkaline batteries. If I remember when the L1D rb was fnix sale, the difference in output from high to turbo was 80 to 90 [emitter lumens] So, presumably the L1D rb should be high and Basically, the LDR4 is the one to turn to if you want the best possible runtime on standard batteries, in a fully fenx fashion.

Originally Posted by Stereodude. Last edited by Unforgiven; at And now for the white wall hunting. Thanks Selfbuilt for this great moment!

Fenix LD10 R5 Tactical LED Flashlight with CREE XP-G R5 LED Lumens – 1 x AA

It is mild on my two samples, but you may want to consider the OP reflector versions, just in this case. No doubt about it — if you want to impress someone with how bright a 1xAA light can be on standard batteries, this is one to do it with. Last edited by MichaelW; fenkx Quark Tactical S2: I was born in the right decade Last edited by selfbuilt; at The LD20 should do acceptably.


But of course, 1x is a problem here — as with all earlier versions, the LD10 lacks all defined lower output modes Lo-Med-Hi on 3. There’s basically no difference in output e.

Fortunately, this issue is restricted to 2xL91 — rest assured, all modes work as expected on 1xL91 in the LDR4. So, in the past, they have made it so that you get pretty fsnix regulation on medium mode-with 1xAA alkaline, and flat regulation on high mode with 2xAA alkaline.

Originally Posted by NightTime. Up until these new lights, you could happily mix-and-match body and tailcap tubes from any previous Fenix version i. You can directly compare all my relative output values from different reviews – i.

Top notch as usual. The main difference with an OP reflector would likely be slightly reduced throw and a greater corona around the hotspot i. For the LDR4, the difference is pretty modest.