General Observations on the Status of Women in Costa Rica.. 9 .. Sexual Harassment at Work and in the Home (March 3, , Law ), and the Law Against . The Law for the Protection of Adolescent Mothers (Ley , ) offers. With respect to Costa Rican staff of the University whose employment conditions are governed by Costa Rican labour laws, the Law No. titled ‘Ley Contra. Background screening is growing in popularity in Costa Rica. However, there are Passed in , the Ley de Proteccíon de la Persona Frente al. Tratamiento de ). Background Screening – Available Checks. Civil Records. Criminal.

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In the discharge of its duty to take all appropriate measures to ensure a harmonious work and study environment and to protect its staff and students from any form of prohibited conduct, the following preventive measures will be used. It aims to promote the participation of civil society to improve the operation and maintenance of the aqueducts in the country.

Resident and Visiting faculty of the University are expected to exercise reasonable academic quality control over performance by students, and therefore, their actions or decisions relating to assignment of grades, extension of deadlines, supervision of academic work, feedbacks, amongst others, will not normally constitute abuse of authority. The Final Report of the Panel shall contain ruca following:. Sexual harassment may occur between persons of different or same sex. In cases involving sexual harassment where the aggrieved individual is a female, then the Panel shall have two female members.

This prohibition also applies to visiting faculty in their relationships with cosya. In Costa Rica we are defenders of children and adolescents which may be threatened by the commercial sexual exploitation of children. In case the complaint is against one of the Co-Ombudspersons, then the written or electronic complaint may be submitted either to the other Ombudsperson or to the Rector of the University.

Chamber of Tourism Entrepreneurs from Monteverde: If you see a situation that suggests any indication of this despicable activity, let us know to proceed immediately according to the procedure of the code of international conduct, entity to which we have allied many tourism companies to fight together against such action. The integrity of every person should be sacred, especially when it comes to minors, in defense of their rights, supporting this struggle with the initiative known as the Code of Conduct.

Annually given award, it rewards effort and volunteer work in the search for conservation and development, in accordance with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to address climate change, the pursuit of improved hygienic sanitation and improvement of public health.

GADM – ADM-RRHH – Hostigamiento Sexual by Johnny Ramirez on Prezi

Following the meeting, the Panel shall promptly serve a notice to the alleged offender along with the following:. In particular, all staff members and students shall be required to complete a mandatory online training programme on prevention of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and abuse of authority. Depending on the situation and on their level of comfort with one official rather than another, they may seek the assistance of any of the following: These measures may include, but are not limited to, the following: Regardless of the choice made, the aggrieved individual is encouraged to prepare and keep a written record of events, notingdates, places, a description of what happened and the names of any witnesses and of anyone who may have information concerning the incident or situation at issue.


Evaluate our performance and help us improve: We work towards minimum contamination of: Extension of timelines should not be granted in cases involving sexual harassment, in relation to which the final decision must be made within a period of three months from the date of complaint or report.

The complaint or report should include:. In Costa Rica, since regulations for public use for protected areas that receive visitors in greater numbers have been published trough Executive Decrees.

Committee of volunteers from the community, with the participation of the Municipal Council, responsible for the planning and execution of the Monteverde Brilla Festival, meetings are every first Thursday of December. Non-governmental, non-profit, and private character organization.

Global Database on Violence against Women

Similarly, the Director for Academic Administration shall ensure that all students are provided with a copy of this policy upon commencement of their academic studies at UPEACE. Our law system prohibits and punishes with heavy fines, the acquisition, marketing or possession of articles of this type. After the conclusion of the hearings, the Panel shall prepare a detailed preliminary report within a period of ten days, giving a full account of the facts that the Panel has ascertained and attaching all documentary evidence, such as written statements by witnesses or any other documents or records relevant to the alleged prohibited conduct.

Where the prohibited conduct complained of also constitutes a criminal offence, such as in aggravated forms of sexual harassment, informal resolution cannot be a substitute for formal procedures, although they may take place in addition to such formal procedures. Discrimination may be an isolated event, policy, decision, conduct, omission or a series of them affecting one person or a group of persons similarly situated, and may manifest itself through harassment or abuse of authority.

The procurement and contracting process will include environmental criteria to ensure the acquisition of products and services whose environmental impact is brought to a minimum.

Harassment may take the form of words, gestures, actions or other conduct which tend to annoy, alarm, abuse, demean, intimidate, belittle, humiliate or embarrass another or which create an intimidating, hostile or offensive work or study environment. This is particularly serious when a person uses their influence, power or authority to improperly influence the career or employment conditions of another, including, but not limited to, appointment, assignment, contract renewal, performance evaluation or promotion.


This company will severely punish any hint of sexual harassment towards anyone or any situation in which any of our staff members is involved during labor time inside or outside the company’s facilities. Discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, are particularly serious when accompanied by abuse of authority.

Or let us know your opinion, comments and or suggestions to: The following precautionary measures may be adopted: Certification for Sustainable Tourism. In case the alleged offender is a student, in exceptional cases where the presence of the alleged offender on campus or in online courses may vitiate the study or work environment, the student may be suspended from participation in academic coursework at the University.

Section 7 – Final provisions 7. The purpose of such monitoring shall be to ensure that all parties comply with their duty to cooperate with the investigation and that no party is subjected cosra retaliation as a result of the complaint or the investigation.

This commitment is extended to our staff and all the activities that we run, always pointing to leadership, lwy and continuous improvement in our mission. In cases where Co-Ombudspersons or in cases of complaint against one of the Co-Ombudspersons, then the Rector and the other Co-Ombudsperson cannot come to a consensus on any cksta their joint tasks under this Section, a third member may be appointed by the Rector on a case-by-case basis as necessary. An informal approach, including Restorative Justice, offers the opportunity to resolve a complaint or grievance in a non-threatening and non-contentious manner.

Promotes the development of the tourist activity in the country in a responsible and sustainable manner. Depending on the situation and on their level of comfort with one official rather than another, they may seek the assistance of any of the following:.

In a case concerning sexual ria, Panels shall endeavour to complete the hearing in no more than two sittings.

In Costa Rica this activity is punished with imprisonment without the possibility of bail to a minimum of 8 years. Right to Development and costz SDGs. A period of ten days from the date of provision of the preliminary report to the aggrieved individual and the alleged offender shall be provided to them to respond in writing to the preliminary report. Clean and responsible traveling is now possible.